Managing endpoints for security

Enterprise IT News recently interviewed Adaptiva’ regional sales director, Yong Kok Kee. Here are the thoughts and responses from Kok Kee.

EITN: What is Adaptiva’s business, and what does it offer?

Kok Kee: Adaptiva is a leading, global provider of endpoint management and security solutions. The company’s products, including OneSite Cloud, Endpoint Health, and Evolve VM, empower enterprises to manage and secure endpoints at unparalleled speed and massive scale using the power of peer-to-peer technology. Leading global Fortune 1000 organisations, including T-Mobile, Nokia, HSBC, Walgreens, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, use Adaptiva products to eliminate the need for a vast IT infrastructure and automate countless endpoint management and security tasks. 

An example of the speed and scale is how we help a global financial institution reduced their Windows upgrade from an estimated three years down to just six months, eliminating 4000 servers along the way. In terms of scale, our largest customer deployment has 470,000 endpoints.

EITN: What are the industries/segments that Adaptiva targets?

Kok Kee: Adaptiva serves customers across all industries, including Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, utilities, and government. The company generally sells to large enterprises of 5,000 employees and above.

EITN: What are your milestones currently? How do your offerings help businesses achieve their business goals?

Kok Kee: Adaptiva was founded in 2004. The company closed 2020 with more than 40% revenue growth over 2019. Adaptiva sells direct to customers and works with partners and MSPs to deliver leading endpoint management and security solutions. Adaptiva’s OneSite product enables enterprises to manage their endpoints both locally and remotely and supports Microsoft Configuration Manager, Intune, and VMware Workspace ONE. Adaptiva’s Endpoint Health product lets IT admins diagnose an endpoint’s health (low disk space, WannaCry Infection Detection, illegal software installed, etc.) and resolve any issues automatically, dramatically reducing help desk tickets.

EITN: Can you share your business and technical roadmap for the next 1 to 5 years?

Kok Kee: Adaptiva is aiming for at least 50% revenue growth in 2021. To that aim we have established an Asian based sales and support team lead by me to extend a closer reach to customers and partners across the ASEAN region. We are planning several new products and updates to existing offerings. All focused on managing endpoints, whether locally or remotely, and making the enterprise IT admin job more efficient and the endpoints more secured.

EITN: A curious question: since the pandemic last year, what are the cybersecurity trends you have observed?

Kok Kee: We have seen phishing attacks skyrocket, and attacks on home routers and other non-business infrastructure increase as well. Enterprises used to be described by security people as having a “hardened outside, and soft middle,” meaning the network edge was hardened. The systems inside the network were not as much. Now, the soft middle is the outside. So we expect to see attacks on remote endpoints increase throughout 2021.

According to Ponemon Institute, 68% of IT security professionals revealed that their company experienced one or more endpoint attacks that compromised data assets or IT infrastructure in 2019. This means getting the latest patch or updates to the endpoint as quickly as possible is critical to reducing security vulnerabilities. We can help get the latest patches and updates to the endpoints quickly without impacting the network, even in areas where the connection is poor, or adding additional infrastructure costs.


68% of IT security professionals revealed that their company experienced one or more endpoint attacks that compromised data assets or IT infrastructure in 2019.”

(The State of Endpoint Security Risk, Ponemon Institute, Jan 2020)