Malaysia Lags in Manufacturing Technology; Still at Industry 2.0-3.0 Levels.

At the recent launch of the upcoming Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC to take place in October in 2018 in Singapore, it was shared that Malaysia is still categorised as ‘Beginner’ as it is still at the level of Industry 2.0 and Industry 3.0 in terms of manufacturing technology. To be exact, Malaysia is just at the Industry 4.0 Framework planning phase.

This is according to researched sharing by James Boey, Executive Director of SingEx Exhibitions, who was presenting to the audience to introduce the Hannover Messe event that it will be organising together with international trade organiser Deutsche Messe

According to Boey, globally, the 3 countries leading the Industry 4.0 revolution are Germany, USA and United Kingdom – all categorised under the ‘Advanced Stage’ of implementation with visible benefits. In Asia –  China (‘Made in China 2025’ initiative), South Korea (‘Manufacturing Innovation 3.0’), Japan (‘Revitalisation Robotics Strategy’) and Singapore (‘Industry 4.0’) and Thailand (‘Thailand 4.0’) are the leading markets at early stages of Industry 4.0 implementation. Next comes Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Industry 4.0 Malaysia Association President Raja Teagarajan shares, “67% of jobs in Malaysia will be redundant by 2027 if nothing is done to counter the impact from Industry 4.0 wave from not keeping up with technological advancements. The association is hoping to soften this impact by working with the government of Malaysia to get a more solid mandate and strategy to address this issue.”

New Trade Platform for Industrial Revolution 4.0 To Debut in Singapore

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC, a Hannover Messe event, will debut in Singapore from 16-18 October 2018 and touts itself to one of the largest and most exciting trade event platform on Industry 4.0 ever organised for this region.

Industry 4.0 was mooted in 2011 as a German strategic initiative under its High-Tech Strategy 2020, to promote the computerization of manufacturing, by introducing what is referred to as “smart factory” in which cyber physical systems monitor real time physical progress of the factory and are able to make decentralized decisions.

International trade organiser Deutsche Messe and SingEx Exhibitions will bring Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC to Singapore, selected as the showcase hub for the tradeshow due to its strategic location and market reach of some 200 global industrial automation brands, from over 10 countries.

Themed ‘Start, Scale and Sustain’, Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC consist of 4 main areas i) Future of Manufacturing Summit ii) Global Additive Manufacturing Summit iii) Standards Forum iv) Industrial IoT Forum.

In Malaysia, the organisers are working with the one-year old Industry 4.0 Malaysia Association to promote the event via roadshows in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru.

According to Boey, the planning of Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC as a strategic platform to ‘stimulate the Industry 4.0 movement’ in the region, was really shaped by industry leaders and experts themselves, in order to support the digitalisation journey of manufacturers and enterprises in the region to embraced what the future of manufacturing practices.

For more information, visit http://industrial-transformation.com/