Logitech Launches AI-Powered Whiteboard Solution

Logitech is creating a more equitable meeting experience for remote participants with the launch of Logitech Scribe, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered whiteboard camera. Logitech Scribe, compatible with leading services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with incredible clarity, virtually transporting everyone into the same room.

Enhanced integrations with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms make the experience effortless. In-room participants can begin sharing whiteboard content into video meetings by simply pressing the wireless button included with Scribe or tapping the meeting room touch controller, like Logitech Tap. The wireless button currently works with Zoom Rooms, and support for Teams Rooms will come later this year.

“Bryan Lee, Head of Video Collaboration, Logitech Southeast Asia said, “Logitech Scribe closes the virtual and physical gap for meetings and lessons, allowing one to simply pick up a marker and draw on the whiteboard, facilitating an engaging environment to improve collaboration and enhance the learning experience. Thanks to its compatibility with popular cloud services like Teams and Zoom, we can now elevate non-digital collaborative content in high fidelity, in a seamless manner.”

Logitech may have seen these same issues, but they didn’t stop working and created a great product,” said Will Cool, video conference standards and operations at PayPal. “Scribe brings the ‘in-room collaboration’ feeling to global conferencing through a sleek and modern whiteboard device. Scribe’s high-definition imaging and plug-and-play connectivity make for an effective and easy to install tool that is essential within the hybrid collaboration industry.”

“Whether your mission includes creativity, design, development, or teaching, we’ve gotten a glimpse of what the tech-enabled collaboration of the future can look like with Scribe’, added Bryan.

(This content is surmised from a press release)