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Local Optimism in Government’s Ability in Digital Services

VMware’s Digital Frontiers 3.0 study found that more than half (58%) Malaysian consumers are comfortable or excited about sharing completely accurate data about their daily lives with the Government if it leads to better government digital services. 79% of Malaysian consumers also defined themselves as “digitally curious” or “digital explorers”

Devan Parinpanayagam, Country Manager, VMware Malaysia said, “Malaysia has done well as a whole in 2020, where business and society responded and adapted to the disruptions from COVID-19. This year, we are in prime position to accelerate our growth with technology playing a key role in powering the recovery of our economy. It is critical for organizations to build on a robust digital foundation to develop and deliver experiences that are not only secure, but will also delight digitally-hungry Malaysian consumers.”

Reflecting the new digital reality that Malaysian businesses now compete in, 79% of Malaysian consumers stated that they have started engaging with brands that delivered superior digital experiences, while 59% stated that they will switch to a competitor if the ongoing digital experience they have does not live up to expectations. In a bid to capture this opportunity, organizations must enable the security, user experience and speed of the digital services they offer. This is reflected in the top three critical digital experiences that Malaysian consumers value most: high level of protection for personal data (60%), ease of access all platforms and devices (48%) and faster speed of service (43%).

The digital expectation from Malaysian consumers is set to continue growing, with those surveyed saying they find Retail (62%), Financial Services (56%), and Education Institutes (38%) more exciting to engage with because of the digital services they offer.

VMware innovations enable Malaysian organizations to drive greater digital transformation outcomes, adapt to new digital frontier, and accelerate growth and recovery

For organizations in Malaysia, recovery and growth rest on leveraging innovations that enable them to adapt and accelerate in the new digital frontier. In a fast-changing business environment, digital transformation is key to unlocking greater opportunities in Malaysia’s dynamic digital economy. VMware’s portfolio of cloud and app modernization, networking, security, and digital workspace anywhere platforms form a flexible and consistent digital foundation that enables organisations to deliver powerful and personalized digital experiences to end users seamlessly and more securely.

“VMware will continue to help drive the digital transformation journeys of Malaysian businesses, enabling them in accelerating innovations, agility and speed to market and capitalize on growth opportunities in the digital-first environment,” added Parinpanayagam.

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