LGMS First in Malaysia to Gain CREST UK Accreditation

Cyber security firm LE Global Services (LGMS) was recently accredited by Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST) UK, an accreditation and certification body for the technical information security industry; making them the first Malaysian company to ever hold the certification.

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is currently facilitating a task force to set up the Malaysia Chapter of CREST, with LGMS being a part of the working committee. This demonstrates the great emphasis that BNM places on the quality of penetration testing services. To this end, BNM is holding meetings with penetration testing service providers all over Malaysia. Setting up the CREST Malaysia chapter will aid in the effort of increasing the standard of penetration testing.

sdrPenetration testing service providers have long faced the ever evolving task of securing intricate IT environments while ensuring the company’s requirements are met.  With the ever-present and increasing threats to information systems all around the world, the risk of having your own systems attacked or compromised must be consistently evaluated to ensure that the risk is at an acceptable level for an organization. Failure to do so would result in a great loss to the organization’s information assets and will potentially lead to other serious repercussions, which includes damage to the organization’s reputation and financial status.

As such, organizations should possess cyber security programs and requires the need to be accustomed to running security tests and assessments on their systems to ensure that any threats and vulnerabilities are discovered and mitigated in time. Organizations are urged to understand the steps on preparing for and responding to cyber security related incidents. Conventionally, these organizations would require help from information security professionals to ensure that they are fully prepared for any eventuality.

When IT security services are externally sourced, organizations buying these services will have to understand the importance of identifying professional and reputable service delivery companies with proper controls in place to manage tasks and protect client information. These organizations will then need to identify the right people; consultants or engineers who are both knowledgeable and capable as well as being experienced in delivering IT security services. Thus stands a question, how does one know that the services they are purchasing are delivered in a certain standard?

This is where CREST (a body who accredits companies by conducting detailed audits on their working practices, procedures, and policies) come in play to help identify companies that adhere to the highest standard. Being accredited by CREST, LGMS’ commitment to delivering quality services has been recognized. Since its commencement, LGMS has maintained a focus on delivering services that assesses customers’ security requirements, reduces risks and provides operational efficiency. LGMS is the leading information security services company that integrates the best practices of ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems into its entire portfolio of services, resulting in a measurable amount of performance growth for customers.

With the CREST accreditation, LGMS is poised to deliver their professional services which includes penetration testing, security assessments and many more to organizations of the highest requirements. LGMS shall continue to strive its utmost as the industry leader, to introduce more advanced cyber security services to its clients, and to lead the way in improving the standards of cyber security service providers in Malaysia.

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