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Leaving it to the experts: Take security to the next level with Cloud

Even as many today are moving to Cloud-based platforms for so many purposes due to its capability in handling complex, secure workloads, many more yet question whether the cloud is natively secure.

There is still a school of thought that the security of a system depends on the ability to touch and control a physical device. Even many security professionals have fallen sway to the indescribable need for visibility from layer one (physical) up to layer seven (application) of the OSI Model.

This is simply counter-productive, as security companies such as F-Secure themselves are moving to Cloud-based models as new key offerings. If the Cloud is not secure, then how is this possible. What systems administrators, even veterans, have to do is to both embrace the cloud as being inherently secure.

Amit Nath, Head of Asia Pacific - Corporate Business at F-Secure Corporation

Amit Nath, Head of Asia Pacific – Corporate Business at F-Secure Corporation

In order to do this, it would be ideal if rather than attempt a one-man showboat, that they could acknowledge that they should be able to share responsibility for the ultimate security of the environment – with the right experts.

According to Amit Nath, Head of Asia Pacific – Corporate Business at F-Secure Corporation, this challenge could be overwhelming for these professionals who traditionally have had complete control over every single aspect of their organization’s IT systems and security controls.

“While the truth in IT is basically the same everywhere in that properly skilled staff and good processes are the foundation to a secure framework, what these professionals need to do is to adapt to new challenges. Cybersecurity today is of a much different level than it was even just a year or two ago and is evolving at stunning paces,” said Nath.

“Through leveraging on a shared security responsibility model, IT professionals can help their organizations move out of the struggle of coping with IT security demands, while at the same time implementing security best practices on the cloud through partnerships with people that have dedicated decades to the security business,” he added.

Why seek outside help on security?

The Cloud of today is no longer what it used to be when first introduced. That in itself has been shown through well documented circumstances of how using the cloud versus on-premises are well have brought distinct advantages.

The biggest advantage, of course, lies in the fact that the majority of businesses are in fields other than security. Given the massive resources it takes to stay safe in an increasingly digital world, developing in house-security simply does not make sense and simply distracts organizations from their core businesses.

“I would like to day that even for a security company such as ourselves, we have seen the clear advantages of Cloud. From a security standpoint, I feel that the biggest advantage is the ability to easily scale and deploy new security features on a massive scale,” said Nath.

“Even as we speak, innovations in the field of Cloud computing are being laid out as possible today. There are so many security technology options that we can roll out on our customers behalves that a few years ago would have been seen as a major challenge,” he added.

Nath explained that while organizations need to have people and processes focused on the care and feeding of technology solutions, security was best left to those who have dedicated their lives to making businesses secure.

Even as Nath lays bare these facts, an increasing number of organizations are facing that very stumbling block. Dedicated professionals committed to security services as well as trained on cloud infrastructure and security best practices are not easy to find, nor cheap to employ. Finding and retaining the few who are actually good at their business can be an uphill task.

This is the reason why increasing numbers of organizations have started to look towards cloud security service providers. To those, their requests are simple: be their trusted advisors and subject matter experts.

Cloud security providers such as F-Secure enable organizations to refocus their IT talent. These talents can be turned towards the improvement of core business initiatives, instead of facing challenges which they are not fully equipped to face.

“What we do is essentially to provide a service that transcends value in terms of time, cost, and efficiency. Our objective is also simple; to provide peace of mind by taking every measure to help ensure their ongoing security requirements are met,” concluded Nath.

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