Kaspersky Lab and Facebook Partner to Make Social Networking Safer

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of security and threat management solutions, announced a partnership with Facebook, with the goal of enhancing the security of social networking both online and offline. Kaspersky Lab is now supplying Facebook with up-to-the-minute data about the latest malicious software threats worldwide, which will be used to protect Facebook users from inadvertently visiting malicious web pages.

People are more likely to click on a link shared by a friend, and this inherent trust is something cyber-criminals prey upon. Malicious URLs can automatically share themselves with a victim’s personal contacts without the user’s knowledge, making the links appear legitimate. Now, when Facebook users share or click a link shared by their friends, the link will instantly be compared against Kaspersky Lab’s database of malicious web pages. If the link matches Facebook’s list of “known-bad” URLs – which are supplied to Facebook by Kaspersky Lab and other security vendors – the user will be immediately notified and blocked from visiting the web page. This not only prevents the user’s personal information and computer from being put at risk, but stops the malicious links from spreading further.


At Kaspersky Lab, more than 800 anti-malware experts work around the globe and around the clock to combat cybercrime, analyzing more than 125,000 threats daily. Using the information from theKaspersky Security Network – a cloud-based repository from Kaspersky Lab customers who voluntarily share real-time data on attempted infections and malware activity – Kaspersky Lab experts can analyze data and produce up-to-the-second protection for its 300 million users protected by Kaspersky Lab products and technologies around the globe.


Keeping Facebook Users Informed and Protected

Kaspersky Lab believes that informed computer users are the first line of defense against cyber-crime. In addition to supplying Facebook with threat information, Kaspersky Lab will also contribute expert advice, tips and informative articles to the Facebook Security page . This resource center keeps the online community informed about the latest cyber-threats and provides regular reminders of safe online browsing habits.


In addition to timely advice, Kaspersky Lab is also supplying Facebook users with an exclusive free six-month subscription for its popular consumer security products. This six-month offer allows users to download Kaspersky PURE Total Security and Kaspersky Security for Mac , ensuring they have the best protection on their machines. Kaspersky PURE is the company’s flagship consumer suite, providing critical tools – including a password manager, data encryption, and file backup manager – to protect users’ digital assets. Kaspersky Security for Mac protects Mac owners from the growing threat of malware that targets OS X, and prevents Windows-based malware from becoming a hidden infection waiting to transfer to the PCs of friends and family via USB sticks and file sharing. These offers can be accessed through the “AV Marketplace” tab on Facebook Security page.

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