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IT BYTES BACK! says: PR Speaks Legal Speak

This column has long published letters from our readers in the industry to share their opinion, views, professional grievances on a public platform. EITN’s IT Bytes Back! (IBB) just wants to fulfill our role as the fourth estate, report and shine some light on matters where there is opacity.

After publishing one such letter, we received a threat of legal action by PR agency, IntelectAsia, that claims to represent the President of the Federation of Malaysian Training Providers & TVET Associations (FMTA), RA Thiagaraja.

However if they read the original IBB piece https://www.enterpriseitnews.com.my/corruption-and-cronyism-yet-again/ carefully, IntelectAsia and its client Mr. Thiagara should have realised that it is not about to Mr. Thiagaraja at all, and the letter repeats what another media already mentioned about the identities of two HRDF board members who had resigned.

Every day these (new) days, the media is publishing various commentaries and industry/market feedback letters for its readers to read and form  opinions, using their own intelligence and powers of discernment. And we will continue to do so.

By the way, we do believe that the EITN reader who wrote in, was making reference to HRDF and tying it in to ultimately question the training programs at the National ICT Association ‘PIKOM’.

However since IntelectAsia says Mr. Thiagaraja is willing to answer questions, EITN now has two questions for him which we hope will have a response:-
1.    Why did you resign (or offer to) only after the matter was brought to the public’s attention?

2.    If this hadn’t been brought to light, would you have continued being in a conflict of interest? Hence, isn’t it a good thing that the market voiced out their observation?

IT BYTES BACK! says: The market has a bigger voice of thousands upon thousands. Let it speak.

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