IT BYTES BACK! says: Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Just yesterday, new ministers were sworn into the Malaysian cabinet.

Malaysia gets its first Finance Minister from the Chinese ethnic group and the Minister set to take over the education portfolio is under heavy scrutiny.

No one knows whether motivations to protest Dr. Maszlee are because these parties want Tun M as Education Minister… I say to them, kudos for your patriotism and loyalty to Tun M through thick and thin.. but let’s give Tun M a rest!

He has a tough job cleaning up all the mess at the top with not much time to do so before he hands over the reins. The education portfolio should be handled by young blood with the heart to set right again the ruined foundation of our great nation!

I seldom follow politics, but after GE14 two weeks ago, I feel heartened to see the changes happening that will impact me and those around me personally, and professionally.

The education portfolio, to me is so important right now.

What happens to our education system going forward makes all the difference to my family and people in my immediate and not so immediate environment ie. what type of schooling my very young nephews and nieces are going to get, moving forward.  Whether it can finally help curb the kind of atrocities that came into limelight few years ago – vicious bullying, ragging and victimisation in schools.
More importantly, it can set the tone for how our younger generation are going to treat each other from now on.

It seems like a case of experimentation to have Dr. Maszlee become our Education Minister. But hasn’t it all been a big wondrous and wonderful case of experimentation from the very start? Against all odds Malaysians voted and toppled the 6 decades-old ruling party to put in place a new government that is kicking off many new initiatives.

Significantly, these are changes some of us thought we would never ever see in our lifetime.

So, I say Dr. Maszlee ought to have a go at the education portfolio and I pray this comes with Tun M’s blessings and close mentoring.

IT BYTES BACK! says: The Voice of the Malaysian People has spoken, was Heard and a New Malaysia is now born. Now, this Voice is only just Flexing its Muscle. When the time comes, it will Speak Out again.


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