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IT BYTES BACK! says: Demystify the local public sector with Enterprise TV

Enterprise IT News (EITN) is happy to welcome its sister broadcast channel, Enterprise TV (ETV) to the news-making industry at large.

Spearheaded by lead content consultant and veteran TV broadcaster Anne Edwards, this Internet TV channel aims to be the default Internet TV channel for news and events for Malaysia’s public sector.ETV logo

It’s a well-known fact that the public sector is the single, largest customer for ICT vendors. Being able to feel the pulse of what’s going on within ministries and various agencies, is valuable insight into what the sector prioritises, and ETV content is streamlined into relevant categories like nation-building.

The first in the news-making industry to kick off from the starting line, Enterprise TV aims to fill an existing gap for an independent and easily accessible digital channel that focuses on the activities, policies, initiatives and personalities in the government ministry.

With ETV’s dotted line to EITN’s content, the latest enterprise IT news, solutions and thought leadership, would get high visibility amongst ETV’s government-centric audience that targets to hit 50,000 viewership by year-end.

IT BYTES BACK! says: Enterprise TV wants to demystify the complex and diverse world of the Public Sector, for professional organisations and society at large.

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