IT BYTES BACK! says: Brexit in these digital times

We live in interesting times. That goes without saying.

But if “interesting” is synonymous with “rocky and tumultuous”…, well, … recent happenings have upped the ante, thanks to Britain’s decision to exit from the European Union aka Brexit.

Whilst many Britons are preparing to weather an unsteady future, fact is that the rest of the world doesn’t really worry much that it can – after all, being one of the world’s greatest conquering civilisation and BEING in the digital age now…hey, Big Great Britain will turn out just fine.

In 2014, Gartner predicted that by 2016, 70-percent of successful digital business models will rely on deliberately unstable processes designed to shift as the situation changes and people’s needs shift.”

These digital business models would be better able to leverage disruptive forces, due to being leaner and more responsive.

Jenny Beresford, a research director with Gartner’s CIO Advisory team offers the suggestion that, “The difference in a digitised world is that the global trading ecosystem is less adversely affected by political decisions and the flow on of slow moving analogue regulatory and process changes than it would have been five or ten years ago.”

When Brexit got the green light, sure there were major macro-economic implications, holidays to Britain suddenly looked very enticing because of its lower exchange rates.

While key economic observers and spokespeople for various technology companies are reserving comment about the impact of Brexit, Beresford is of the opinion that “Smart digital governments within the EU and across its trading partners and visitors will have readied themselves to absorb change with less cost and disruption.”

In other words, efforts to weather Brexit should be relatively smooth; as compared to a decade a ago when the whole globe faced the dotcom bubble, dotcom burst, 9/11 and much more.

IT BYTES BACK! says:  Tech can finally prove that we are living in “interesting times.” After all, the digitised government processes, citizen identity management and tariff collection etc., etc., that can help smoothen the way for Brexit, are all based upon technology.

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