Introducing Duet AI to Google Workspace

By Aparna Pappu, General Manager and Vice President, Google Workspace

From the beginning, Google Workspace was built to allow real-time collaboration with other people. Now, you can collaborate with artificial intelligence (AI). We’ve been embedding the power of generative AI across all the Workspace apps. These features help you write, help you organize, help you visualize, help you accelerate workflows, have richer meetings, and more. This powerful new way of working is what we’re calling Duet AI for Google Workspace.

This builds on the vision for Workspace we shared in March and the launch of generative AI features in Gmail and Google Docs to trusted testers. We’ve been thrilled to see how people have started using these tools to help them get things done at work and in their personal lives – including client outreach emails, job applications, project plans, and so much more. Helping people write better is something we’ve been working on for years – our AI-powered grammar, spell check, smart compose and smart reply have helped people write over 180 billion times in the last year alone.

Helping you write, even on the go

Duet AI already works behind the scenes in Workspace to help you write – whether it’s refining existing work or helping you get started in both Gmail and Docs. Now we’re bringing this experience to Gmail mobile – imagine being on your phone and having the ability to draft complete responses with just a few words as a prompt. Our initial launch of mobile will be fast-followed by contextual assistance – allowing you to create professional replies that automatically fill in names and other relevant information.

Creating original images from text, right within Google Slides

A picture is worth a thousand words, but until now, creating unique and compelling visuals for presentations has been a manual and time-consuming process. We’re embedding Duet AI into Slides so you can easily generate images with a few words – the real power of these image models is that they can visualize something that has never existed. Perhaps you’re a marketer doing early concept brainstorming with your creative agency on a light-hearted campaign to get Parisians to go on safari and want to provide clear visual input early in the process to prevent wasted work later on. Now, you can generate an original visual that conveys your unique artistic vision, all from a simple prompt.

Turning ideas into action and data into insights with Google Sheets

Duet AI is here to help you analyze and act on your data in Sheets faster than ever before with automated data classification and the creation of custom plans. 

Classification tools understand the context of data in a cell, and can assign a label to it, helping eliminate the burden of manual data entry. Whether you’re a product development team analyzing the sentiment of user feedback, or a HR recruiter summarizing input from interviews, this saves time and toil in developing a clear and visually engaging analysis.

Our new help me organize capability in Sheets automatically creates custom plans for tasks, projects, or any activity that you want to track or manage – simply describe what you’re trying to accomplish, and Sheets generates a plan that helps you get organized. Whether you’re an event team planning an annual sales conference or a manager coordinating a team offsite, Duet AI helps you create organized plans with tools that give you a running start.

Fostering more meaningful connections in Google Meet

We’re weaving Duet AI into Meet and introducing the ability to generate unique backgrounds for your video calls. This helps users express themselves and deepen connections during video calls while protecting the privacy of their surroundings. Imagine a manager celebrating the employee of the month with a visual mashup of their favorite things during a company town hall meeting, or a sales executive jumping on a call with a prospective customer and using a custom background to reflect the customer’s industry or market. It’s a subtle, personal touch to show you care about the people you’re connecting with and what’s important to them – all in just a few clicks.

Keeping you in the flow of projects with AI building blocks in Docs 

Users tell us they love smart canvas because a simple @ mention can save them hours of work by keeping the team focused and collaborating in the document they’re already working on. Now, we’re integrating these capabilities into the new assisted writing experience in Docs. If you’re writing a job description, Duet AI will not only help you write the content, it will also include smart chips for information like location and status, and variables for details you’d want to customize like your company name – helping you go from concept to completion faster without ever leaving your document.

Our new upgraded neural models for grammar have helped people generate professional-grade writing – not just in English, but also in Spanish, French, Japanese, and more. Now we’re bringing even more powerful capabilities to help people with proofreading, tone, and style in their writing. You’ll see a new proofread suggestion pane that offers suggestions for writing concisely, avoiding repetition, and leveraging a more formal or active voice. Plus, it puts you in total control over when you see proofread suggestions and how you act on them.

Keeping customers in control 

We know that AI is no replacement for the ingenuity, creativity, and smarts of real people. We’re designing our products in accordance with Google’s AI Principles that keep the user in control, letting AI make suggestions that you’re able to accept, edit, and change. We’ll also deliver the corresponding administrative controls so that IT can set the right policies for their organization.

Sign up for Workspace Labs

The best way to learn more about AI in Workspace is to use it, which is why we’re excited to open up Workspace Labs to the public and manage the waitlist as we scale to even more users and countries in the weeks ahead.


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