In the horizon: Digital Transformation or DIgital Crisis?

During a recent briefing with C-level IT users, ExtraHop’s country manager ASEAN, Yong Kok Kee, observed that the millennial generation has changed, and is still drastically changing the face of IT.

He further opined, “This is putting pressure on IT to keep up and to deliver on their expectations. To meet these expectations, IT needs to transform and innovate. But IT architecture built up over the years, cannot transform overnight to meet this new economy quickly and easily.

“Adding new layers of complexity does not really help either, and in fact, these complexities have caused control and visibility (into IT environments) to decrease.”

All this leads to IT teams struggling to manage their environments, with limited awareness of what is going on beneath the surface.

What is the cost of the unknown?

Yong shared statistics, that on average it takes an organisation 2 months to troubleshoot an IT problem, 99 days to detect threats, and that 80-percent of IT professionals rely on users to notify them of problems instead of detecting them proactively.

The three main factors of IT sprawl, IT siloes and rapid speed of change are some of the main contributors to fifty-two percent of Fortune 500 companies having disappeared over the years; the cost of not being able to manage the unknown.

ExtraHop claims that it is able to offer visibility into threats from the user layer, all the way to the data centre layer and the cloud layer, meaning that ultimately, problems can be investigated with just a few clicks.

Yong said, “At ExtraHop, we believe that IT organisations armed with knowledge, provide a key source of competitive advantage for their companies. We also believe that data-driven IT teams know what’s going on within their enterprise, and as a result, they don’t have to fear what comes next… whether that’s a security threat, an outage, or even the rapid pace of change that all enterprises face today.”

ExtraHop, is a provider of network appliances that have the ability to perform real-time analysis of wire data for performance troubleshooting, security detection, optimisation and tuning, and business analytics.

ExtraHop Networks has raised three rounds of funding from the Madrona Venture Group and other private investors including Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape.

To date, ExtraHop’s total venture funding is USD61.6 million. The Seattle-based company, plans to further expand in the Asia region, next year.

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