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Huawei’s regional data hosting centre

In October 2013, Huawei formed an agreement with Khazanah Nasional to open a Regional Data Hosting Centre in Iskandar. This came from the sidelines of government’s announcement to strengthen Malaysia’s vision to be a regional ICT Hub.

According to Huawei Malaysia CEO, Abraham Liu, “We believe that the ongoing ICT convergence in the world will continue to be the enabler in driving a new round of exponential growth across industries.

In the light of this upcoming “Digital Tsunami”, Huawei has invested to develop the Asia Pacific Digital Cloud Exchange in Iskandar that aggregates over 2,100 partners worldwide and more than 200,000 pieces of digital contents, including digital music, mobile game, video, open Application Program Interface (API), traffic monetization, B2B cloud, and M2M.

Liu explained, “These aggregated multimedia services will help telco operators shape a digital service ecosystem and generate more revenue from digital market. Meanwhile, it will further explore the promising digital market with local and international content providers.”

In other words, Huawei’s Asia Pacific Digital Cloud Exchange will act as the bridge between partners and telcos in digital product distribution and trading.

Status report

Huawei’s Digital Cloud Exchange has hit the ground running with several new initiatives announced at the opening ceremony. Global mobile game distributor Uzone Games launched its Mini 4WD game in Malaysia.  Les’ Copaque Production owned Upin & Ipin, also announced that it will provide its digital content to the Asia Pacific region from the Huawei Digital Cloud Exchange in Iskandar.

Meanwhile, Huawei also signed Memorandum of Understanding with Uzone Games, Les’ Copaque Production, M-Mode Mobile and Elite Entertainment to promote digital business and with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia to encourage academia and industry collaborations.

The industry has a global market size of US$158.9 billion based on PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-2018 Report. With an estimated worth of RM18.7 billion, the Malaysian creative multimedia industry is not only a lucrative one, but has the potential to grow as digital connectivity becomes faster and more fluid around the world.

The Huawei Asia Pacific Digital Exchange is the first Data Hosting Center Huawei has outside China, and Liu said, “Huawei will keep investing in the development of Data Hosting Centre as the telecom industry is facing unprecedented opportunities in this space. More and more telcos are striving to become “digital telcos” that can achieve growth by providing digital services.”


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