Huawei Receives 4 Best of Show Awards at Interop Tokyo 2016

At Interop Tokyo 2016, the largest ICT exhibition in Japan held from June 8 to 10 , Huawei outlined its strategy and showcased innovative solutions to enable enterprise digital transformation, under the theme “Leading New ICT, Building a Better Connected World”.

Yan Lida, President, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei (right) received the 2016 Interop Tokyo Best of Show “Grand Prix” Award for the Huawei KunLun 9032 Mission Critical Server from a representative of the Interop Tokyo Committee (left).

The key solutions highlighted at the event included Huawei’s Internet of Things (IoT), Hybrid Cloud, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Converged Cloud Communications solutions, all featuring cloud-pipe-device integration to speed business innovation and value. Among the solutions, Huawei KunLun 9032 Mission Critical Server, Huawei IP Hard Pipe Solution and Huawei NE40E-X2-M8A Universal Service Router received the Best of Show “Grand Prix” Awards across three categories of enterprise ICT innovations; and Huawei as a leading ICT solution provider won the Interop ShowNet  “Grand Prix” Award.

At the event, Huawei also demonstrated its commitment to building an open and strong ICT ecosystem in Japan together with its global strategic partners Intel and SAP, and Japanese partners including CyberAgent, Hanshin Electric Railway, JBS, and Softbank.

Best of Show Awards Recognize Huawei’s Enterprise Technology Innovation
The Best of Show Awards at Interop Tokyo 2016 are judged by a panel of industry experts and recognize ground-breaking innovation across three categories of enterprise technology. The Huawei KunLun 9032 Mission Critical Server received the Best of Show “Grand Prix”  Award in the Server and Storage Category for its leading Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) design, innovative scale-up capability, and open architecture. The Huawei IP Hard Pipe Solution received the Best of Show “Grand Prix” Award in the Enterprise/SMB Networking Category for its physical pipe isolation, low latency, high reliability, global Service-Level Agreement (SLA) visualization, and simplified operations and maintenance (O&M). The Huawei NE40E-X2-M8A Universal Service Router won the Best of Show “Grand Prix” Award in the Carrier/ISP Networking Category for its 480gdps high forwarding capacity, compact design and universal service supportive functionality.

In addition, Huawei participated in the Interop ShowNet, a comprehensive internet technology demonstration of Interop Tokyo, with six data center switches and routers including the Huawei CE12800, CE8860, CE6800, NE5000E, NE40E and NE20E, as well as the Huawei Agile Controller. The high performance of these solutions in the EVPN/VXLAN interconnectivity tests enabled Huawei to win the Interop Best of ShowNet Award.

Huawei has received the Best of Show Awards at Interop Tokyo for four consecutive years, demonstrating the company’s commitment to developing high-performance solutions that push the boundaries of ICT innovation to meet the specific requirements of the Japanese market.

Leading New ICT, Empowering New Industrial Revolution
Disruptive technologies, such as IoT, cloud, and big data, are accelerating digital transformation and will drive the development of businesses and society in the next 10 years.

At a keynote speech titled “Leading New ICT, Empowering New Industrial Revolution”, Mr. Yan Lida , President of Enterprise Business Group, Huawei, commented, “To compete successfully today, enterprises need real-time business and analysis platforms to drive digital transformation. New ICT technologies including IoT, cloud, and big data will become central to business production systems, enabling this transformation. Based on innovations featuring cloud-pipe-device integration, Huawei is committed to building an open, flexible and secure platform to help customers develop applications tailored to their actual business needs. The platform also helps build a sustainable and win-win ecosystem.”

Mr. Yan also reaffirmed Huawei’s commitment to collaborative innovations and fostering the development of a healthy cloud ecosystem in Japan . He said, “We are focused on enabling our Japan customers, partners and employees to embrace leading new ICT innovation to accelerate digital transformation and foster the development of a strong cloud ecosystem.”

Building a Healthy Cloud Ecosystem with ICT Leaders in Japan
At the event, Huawei held joint activities with industry partners and academics to share insights and best practices on building a healthy and win-win cloud ecosystem. In particular, Professor Ezaki Hiroshi of University of Tokyo and Professor Nakamura Osamu of Keio University shared their views on accelerating the development and deployment of SDN and cloud.

The evolution of traditional enterprise IT architecture into cloud-based architecture requires collaborative efforts among stakeholders in the ICT industry to build an open ecosystem. During this year’s Interop Tokyo, Huawei cooperated with Interop Tokyo Committee and WIDE Project to host the first Tokyo Cloud Congress which brought together leading industry players to discuss future trends and share best practices on cloud migration.

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