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Huawei Hosts its Annual Supplier Convention in Malaysia

The Southern Pacific Region Convention 2019 was attended by 110 partners, 220 participants and 100 Huawei employees from five countries in the region – Brunei, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Singapore.

The annual convention aims to convey Huawei’s digital and delivery model transformation strategy to partners while encourage Huawei and partners to jointly promote the implementation of digital applications. The theme of this year’s convention “Transforming Together, Building a Better Ecosystem” is focused on promoting and strengthening the collaboration between Huawei and their suppliers to support the company’s vision in building a fully connected and intelligent world by bringing digital accessibility to every person, home and organization.

For the past 18 years, Huawei has worked hand in hand with telco operators in Malaysia and local suppliers to build-up a competent team to strengthen the entire telecommunication ecosystem nationwide. Recently, Huawei implemented a digital delivery platform and ISDP which is capable to monitor site activities progress in ensuring mandatory compliance adhere to safety standards. This outcome has improved team efficiency during fieldwork.

As of last year, Huawei has work with the Sarawak State Government to set up Centex Sarawak to train freshly graduated SPM student in technical skills such as hardware installation, software commissioning, FTTX and data center field. These SPM graduates are recruited by Huawei subcontractors to work for Huawei projects which further reinforce Huawei’s commitment in developing young ICT talents in the country.

The annual supplier convention provides a platform for Huawei to share their insights in terms of market prospect, an overview of their current delivery projects, procurement strategy and cooperation opportunities to business partners. During this time, suppliers also capitalize on the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in various key business aspects such as management, technology, finance, and manpower.

By gathering partners to join the convention, it will create potential opportunities for partners to work across countries in this region. Malaysia partners have been growing with Huawei in the past 10 years, some of them have been following Huawei’s pace in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries to work for Huawei’s projects.

This year as part of their cooperation strategy, Huawei has announced they will be increasing their outsourcing scope with partners in various areas for several of their business groups such as the carrier business and enterprise business.

The convention clarified the current environment with customers and suppliers, hosted a series of talks which elaborated on the importance of cybersecurity, data protection and Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements. The talks emphasized on the procurement vision of value-oriented, transparent and scientific procurement. Besides, the ICT company also introduced a new IT tool that runs on ISDP platform and other implementation tools to enable digital delivery during project implementation for improved efficiency.