HP’s security advantage in commercial PCs and MFPs

HP’s core principal is to focus and ensure there is security embedded into their entire product portfolio, according to HP Malaysia’s Managing Director Kym Lim.

HP’s PC products already have deep level security features like Bio SureStart, a self-healing BIOs-level feature which was an industry-first when introduced in 2015. There is also enhanced enterprise-level security capabilities like Sure View, an integrated privacy filter and SureClick, which scans browser URLs and will prompt the user and shut down malicious URL links. HP SureClick is a virtualisation-based security platform that was developed together with Bromium, an endpoint security provider.

But it does not stop there.

Lim said, “These are part of HP’s security ecosystem. But security should be a holistic and end-to-end system from PCs right up to printers.”

HP’s emphasis on security for their printers is reflected in features like an encrypted hard drive. HP Sure Start technology is also found on HP’s range of commercial printers.

Endpoint security

An alarming number of organisations, are not aware that their networked printer is a gateway for the cyber-baddies to enter their networks. As a result, not much attention is paid towards securing a printer.

There may be awareness of need for basic confidentiality features for example, ensuring a printout of a document is not viewed by eyes it is not meant for.

But the recognition that the printer is an endpoint device that needs to be secured from cyberattacks is still low.

Lim shared, “A lot of customers don’t pay attention to this. Cases of breaches via printers are very low or they may be under-reported.

“We want our users to be aware of security on the devices, but also security of company data and employee data.”

To this end, HP conducts workshops to demonstrate how businesses can secure their day-to-day business operations.

Secured services

HP Malaysia also offers secured management services to complement their hardware offerings.

“There are the standard after-sale services like repairs and support,” Lim said, adding that besides hardware security features, there are also services bundled in. “We share how our printers would work in terms of the features that are built into them.

“We also have local tech consultants who would assess our customers’ usage and requirements and then design a fleet offering according to the customer need. Security requirements and cost savings are also tailored into this,” Lim explained.


But besides this, HP has a regional print security specialist who among other things, has recently been demonstrating how easy it is to hack into an open network. A de facto configuration in most printers is leaving organisations’ networks wide open for cybercriminals to walk through.

“Due to these demos, there has been increased attention upon importance of print security… many had not been aware that their print networks are open (by default)!” Lim also pointed out.

HP has even launched a worldwide campaign to showcase how vulnerable the whole organisation can be because of the printer device.

Breadth of offerings

HP has a broad range of commercial multi-function printers (MFPs) that come in many sizes.

This makes it easier for organisations to plan out their printing landscape to ensure that there is optimum efficiency. For example, ensuring that there is the right amount of users per printer in an organisation, and planning re-supplies of consumables according to their usage and requirements.

If customers require their MFPs to be able to do more, HP also has a range of their own and third-party solutions which have been tested and approved.

Lim advised, “For more customisation, customers can work further with HP to develop solutions.”

She also added that a new access control solution from HP is soon to be released. “This solution grants capability to admins to monitor usage of MFPs and also manage and control access, for example enabling colour printing for users who have the right authorisation.”

According to Lim, IDC has crowned HP as number 1 in the local commercial PC space, last quarter. The same goes for HP’s commercial lasers and commercial inkjet printers in their respective categories.

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