How About an OTT Global Managed SDWANaaS?

By nav Chander, Senior Director of Service Provider Marketing, Silver Peak

Today, we embark on an innovative, new Over-the-Top (OTT) business model for delivering high-performance managed SD-WAN services to geographically distributed multi-national enterprises. Cognizant and Silver Peak are announcing a unique partnership to deliver an end-to-end SD-WAN as a service (SDWANaaS) offering that brings together the expertise of Cognizant’s managed network services with the carrier-grade Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform, presenting a pay-as-you grow business model for mid-to-large enterprises.

The SDWANaaS is a secure, end-to-end, global, carrier-neutral SD-WAN service offering that enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high-performance managed SD-WAN services, as part of their digital transformation initiatives, from one of the world’s largest global system integrators. This saves enterprise IT organizations that prefer managed services, the time, resource and investment of designing, deploying and managing a global DIY SD-WAN.

Cognizant’s SDWANaaS includes the flexibility to include a managed SDWAN+Firewall +WAN Optimization service powered by the EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform which unifies these network functions in a single platform. SDWANasaS improves application performance and delivers a better cloud-enabled quality of experience that leverages Cognizant’s Cloud Fabric solution and monitoring management expertise along with its global footprint.

Cognizant manages all operational aspects of the managed SD-WAN service on behalf of the enterprise IT organization, directly from the Cognizant NOC and supported by their technical field resources. The services are backed by SLAs, independent of the underlying transport network.

Often, global SI’s such as Cognizant are considered trusted advisors to large enterprises and take an independent/agnostic approach toward addressing their customer’s business requirements. By leveraging the Silver Peak business-driven SD-WAN edge platform, Cognizant offers complete visibility and control of a customer’s WAN infrastructure. Real time monitoring of underlays and overlays are critical to maintaining high availability and resiliency of revenue-driving applications. In addition, Cognizant can rapidly deploy an SD-WAN service since they are not concerned with installing/replacing WAN circuits.

The SDWANaaS brings immediate value to enterprise clients by enabling them to utilize existing WAN connectivity from existing service providers. The service also supports Cognizant’s additional value add WAN optimization-as-service, which ensures that every application gets the network resources it truly needs, optimizing performance and minimizing latency across locations that experience issues with degraded network conditions.

Cognizant provides 24x7x365 lifecycle management as well as streamlined, multi-tenant subscriber management via Silver Peak Unity OrchestratorSP. With zero-touch provisioning of physical or virtual EdgeConnect SDWAN appliances, this can dramatically simplify the responsibility of enterprise IT operations.

Courtney Munroe, Group Vice President, Worldwide Telecommunications Research and cloud computing for IDC commented, “As SD-WAN continues to gain momentum among global, geographically distributed enterprises that are concerned about agility, flexibility and cost, SDWANaaS is well-suited for organizations that prefer a turnkey service from their system integrator, offering a carrier-neutral solution in contrast to a DIY approach.”

As managed SD-WAN-as-a-service offerings evolve, new features and new tiered service capabilities will be rolled out on the EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform that Cognizant can incorporate into their service offerings to help service providers better monetize their managed services to enterprise clients. This new Cognizant SD-WAN-as-a-service provides a range of unique benefits to enterprises that include:

  • The flexibility to add/change/delete services rapidly
  • The ability to quickly respond to increasing enterprise demand for managed SD-WAN services in over 100 countries
  • Offer enterprises a pay-as-you-go business model
  • Provide the flexibility to offer incremental tiered software service offerings such as analytics
  • Leverage Cognizant’s Cloud-fabric to access cloud services

Our new partnership and innovative approach to offering a pay-as-you-go managed SD-WAN services model to global enterprises with Cognizant will expand over time, bringing additional new tiered services to market to effectively address the burgeoning demand from enterprise clients to shift to a business-first networking model to realize the transformational promise of the cloud.


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