Holistic Transformation: Success in the boardroom, organisation, and with well-being

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Prominent members of Malaysia’s IT industry got together for a knowledge-sharing session, over the weekend. The event themed, “Holistic Transformation for CIOs: Managing the Digital Economy,” was sponsored by Firmus, a computer security service and consultancy provider, and organised by 7C Life Realization Centre.

Facilitators, Rakuten Trade CIO, Sekar Jaganathan, and Electronic transformation expert, Alain Boey, together with IT leaders in the local industry, identified existing and potential issues of a fast-paced Electronic economy, and also shared tips on how to tackle these issues, which also included techniques on managing the workplace, the boardroom, and changing how the business perceives IT.

Sekar said, “IT must be seen as partners to the business. Don’t speak about return on investments, but investments into customer experience to increase business velocity.”

Boey also shared further tips on boardroom success, pointing out that end-customers, as well as the business, are not buying technical features of a product, but rather the experience that comes with it.

Firmus’ CEO, Alan See, said about the event, “Electronic transformation has brought about tremendous disruption to traditional businesses. We truly understand the dilemma of our fellow CIOs in managing this change.

“We understand this and are creating a unique opportunity for CIOs to be well-prepared mentally to manage this change.”

He added that ‘Holistic’ simply means, wholesome, and that CIOs should not neglect themselves, families and quality of lives, while in the pursuit of successful electronic transformations for their organisations.


Boey and Sekar in action

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