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Hitachi Vantara Acquires Assets of Containership

Hitachi Vantara, announced the acquisition of the assets of Containership, a privately held vendor of software for managing and orchestrating containerized business software applications.

Container technology promises to usher in the biggest step change in infrastructure economics since server virtualization. By some estimates, customers are saving as much as 50% on infrastructure costs by switching from hosting cloud native applications in their own data centers to hosting containerized versions of those applications in a private, hybrid or public cloud. Other key advantages of containerization include increased developer productivity, application portability, and business agility delivered through DevOps.

“But all of this opportunity also comes with technical challenges. Deploying containers at scale across multiple cloud environments brings management and orchestration complexity that most IT teams do not have the skills to address. We at Hitachi Vantara live for challenges like this,” enthused Bobby Soni, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Infrastructure Business Unit, Hitachi Vantara.

Kubernetes, the open source container management technology developed by Google has been a critical enabler of containerization. Hitachi Vantara already delivers infrastructure solutions that leverage the Kubernetes technology. However, container orchestration is a rapidly evolving market and the company continues to invest in solutions that help IT and DevOps teams maximize their infrastructure advantage.

Containership’s underlying technology – the Containership Kubernetes Engine – is a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution which enables the provisioning and ongoing maintenance of Kubernetes clusters on any major cloud provider.