cloud in hand

Hitachi Sunway’s foray into cloud

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (“Hitachi Sunway”), a leading ICT Services Integrator in ASEAN is consolidating its cloud offerings, and enhancing them to meet the hybrid cloud needs of their customers.

The organisation’s new eXcelCLOUD solution is a much more comprehensive offering, thanks to strategic technology partnerships with prominent cloud infrastructure principals and Hitachi Sunway’s immense experience in data centre management and ICT operations.

After years of being in and executing operations in this space, the organisation today, collectively has a lot to offer their customers.

That includes having a strong value propositions and clear unique differentiators from other players in the market.

This realisation brought about an organisation-wide effort to further innovate their products and services offerings with a more streamlined branding – which includes a streamlined go-to-market strategy, and proactively promoting what Hitachi Sunway can offer to the market.

This was also an opportunity to move up the value chain, as the organisation saw the need to transform from being a traditional data centre service provider to being a cloud service provider.

Overall, this led to more managed services being wrapped around their cloud infrastructure.


Customers can expect a more flexible solution with eXcelCLOUD.

For one, it can help businesses embarking upon a cloud journey, to work around many regulatory restrictions that are usually present when they work with MNC cloud providers.

An observation is that, public clouds sell by t-shirt size, disallowing more granular requirements when it comes to buying computing, storage and networking resources. Operational resources and costs are also the common challenges to most enterprise customers.

Because of this, these businesses may not have option to go the hybrid cloud approach with these MNC cloud providers.

This is because global public clouds cannot operate the way that Hitachi Sunway is able to.

Hitachi Sunway’s cloud offering is based on a hybrid concept, whereby it can embrace on-premise deployment or private cloud (build and transfer or build and operate), and also offer a multi-tenanted off-premise, in-country managed cloud to their customers.

The eXcelCLOUD is hosted in Hitachi Sunway’s own data centre, and is equivalent to a public cloud but is much more flexible operationally. It also claims to be more cost effective and one of their goals is to deliver the lowest possible total cost of ownership to their customers. This aligns with their overall objective to be a managed enterprise cloud.

It is possible because of a network service provider (NSP) licensed subsidiary. This means they are able to manage cloud delivery end-to-end including managing connectivity requirements.

This has contributed to a 99.98-percent availability which is higher than the 99.95-percent availability other public clouds operate at.

Branding for excellence

When it came to the branding exercise, they had wanted to create an image that truly represents Hitachi Sunway.

After mulling upon the organisation’s core internal values, they settled upon the value of “Excellence”.

Excellence according to them is wanting to continue being innovative, to exceed expectations and to stay ahead of the competition. So, in a way it is a reminder for themselves to always strive for excellence.

With the “eXcel” moniker, they are now ready to go-to-market with a consolidated messaging.

The eXcel brand is a continuous effort which will prevail with all their other products, services and offerings moving forward.

For example, in two months time, a cybersecurity offering would be launched that is called eXcelSECURE. Also in the works are a blockchain-based storage solution and authentication software which would also brandish the “eXcel” moniker in their respective branding as eXcelDRIVE and eXcelKEY.

Going to market with this brand name, represents a promise when it comes to delivery of services and upholding SLAs.

Over time, the hope is that when the market looks at or hears the brand, it will translate to the level of confidence that they can have in Hitachi Sunway.

Consolidating all these offerings under that moniker also represents the evolution Hitachi Sunway has made towards becoming the valued one-stop partner that the industry needs.

Hitachi Sunway aims to complement what businesses do not have, and assist them in achieving their digital transformation goals.