Hatio Launches Smart Logistics Ecosystem Operations in Malaysia

Hatio announces its official establishment of operations in Malaysia with its presence at Logisware Malaysia 2019. With over 35 years of experience in  South Korea’s intralogistics industry, Hatio brings with it a wealth of practical experiences and know-how to contribute towards Malaysia’s growing logistics industry to take it to the next level.

Nam Sang Hyeok, Chairman for Hatio, expressed enthusiasm in bringing Hatio’s technologies from South Korea to Malaysia. “We are looking to expand our presence in the Southeast Asia market through our toehold in Malaysia and are excited to share our proprietary expertise from South Korea with Malaysian businesses.”

As part of that goal, Hatio has conceptualised the ‘FORWARD Lab’ that aims to explore collaborative efforts at all levels to help industry players and its stakeholders embark on the path towards digitalisation and achieving IR4.0 — including facilitate the sharing of IR4.0 knowledge and best practices with government and industry stakeholders, and addressing the skills gap for the industry in the foreseeable future.

“Because of advancements in digital technology and an increased focus on supply chain risk and globalisation, supply chains are expanding in scope and the need for top talent has increased with it. Demand for supply chain and logistics specialists in Asia is an emerging role and Hatio recognises the need for such talents as Malaysia takes its place as a growing regional hub for shipping, industry and technology,” said Bernard Hor, Co-Founder and Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Hatio.

Bernard concluded that the supply chain and logistics ecosystem is in the midst of an evolution.  “If the nation’s vision of IR4.0 is to be realised, a critical element will be the evolution of traditional supply chains towards a connected, smart, and highly efficient supply chain ecosystem. The talent pool will be greatly impacted by this landscape transformation and as such, it is Hatio’s vision to champion and lead the transformation change in the industry through first addressing this core aspect of the ecosystem.”