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GSMA Mobile Connect Part 2

The GSMA (GSM Association or Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) is running secure mobile authentication pilots with mobile operators around the globe. The secure authentication and identification platform called Mobile Connect, is operator-led and in response to demand for easier and more secure ways to log into mobile and digital applications.

Currently using 2-factor authentication, a study that the GSMA commissioned KRC Research to do of Chinese consumers, found that 85-percent of respondents feel there is stronger security due to usage of phone and a PIN number.

According to that study also, 85-percent like that Mobile Connect provides anonymous log in for services.

The Mobile Connect service proposes for consumers to be able to log into multiple websites and services, with just their mobile phone and a single password for all these websites.

What’s upcoming from Mobile Connect

Besides finding positive response towards a service like Mobile Connect, the Chinese respondents also gave the GSMA some idea of how they would like to further use its authentication capabilities.

For example, being able to use Mobile Connect to pre-identify themselves while calling customer service, means shorter wait times and queues. Eighty-two percent also were interested in easier and secure authentication whilst transacting online, without having to fill in long forms, while 88-percent are interested in reduced risk of theft and fraud while buying online or in-store, because banks and payment providers could quickly identify and authenticate you and your payments.

In addition to what Mobile Connect offers – high security and two-factor authentication – it is also in the midst of developing further attributes, based on feedback received during GSMA studies like above.

These future attributes are – auto form-fill, identity matching, country checks to confirm it is indeed you who is transacting, and basic anti-fraud.

Mobile Connect aims to set itself apart from other mobile authentication solutions, by giving consumers greater control over their personal data.



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