Got hair? Lose it for a good cause!

Hair for Hope (HFH) is the only head-shaving event in Singapore that aims to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer. Based upon the symbolic gesture of shaving bald as a show of solidarity and support for families with cancer patients, shavees also become ambassadors for CCF (Children’s Cancer Foundation), and a beacon reminder to the public about kids in their midst, who have cancer.

This year’s Hair for Hope event will see three IT industry personalities, who are also no strangers to doing their bit for charity – Mr. Howie Lau (President), Mr. Ong Whee Teck (Vice President) and Mr. Tan Teng Cheong (Honorary Secretary). They will be joined by IT industry veteran Aaron Tan Dani.

All three are members of the Singapore Computer Society (SCS) Executive Council, and Aaron is Chairman of SCS’s Special Interest Group for Enterprise Architecture.

Going bald can be a very daunting thing to do, but Aaron shared he was also moved to see SCS leaders pledging to shave their heads for HFH. “I noticed that have almost the same hair patterns as Mr. Ong and Mr. Tan, and I said to myself, why not join them and go bald since I have not much to lose?

“Also, fear of going bald is a huge challenge to overcome and would be a huge milestone to have achieved when I shave my head. Helping the Children’s Cancer Foundation raise funds is a good cause and it’s the very least I can do.”

SCS President Howie Lau explained, “SCS is about people and it’s a very natural extension to do our little part to contribute to HFH.

“HFH is a wonderful initiative to support children with cancer. A member of my family had cancer two years back, so I understand the pain that cancer patients go through.”

SCS aims to raise at least SGD20,000, and SCS’s VP, Ong Whee Teck has personally contributed SGD5,000.

Whee Teck explained, “I really believe in research dollars making a difference in the fight against cancer, everyone should (contribute).”

When it comes to shaving his head, he shared, “The friends and camaraderie helps a lot in getting this off the ground.”

Aaron concluded by saying, “As the Chairman of the Enterprise Architecture SIG of SCS, it would be my honour if I could support this initiative spearheaded by SCS for Hair for Hope.”


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