Google Cloud customer wins

Google’s cutting edge technology has helped companies to operate more efficiently and adapt to changing needs. At a recent press conference, Kirsten Kliphouse, President of North America for Google cloud shared some of the new and expanded partnerships that have leveraged on Google Cloud solutions.

Now, who doesn’t love customer win stories?

Beginning its partnership with Google Cloud in 2018, Lowe’s, a home improvement retailer with approximately 22,000 stores worldwide collaborated with Google Cloud to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Kliphouse added that Lowe’s transition to an e-commerce platform and turning to Google Cloud to achieve its goals was due to several important factors:

  1. Increase the speed

    Kirsten Kliphouse, President, North America, Google Cloud

  2. Reliability 
  3. Performance (website) 

“This partnership was specifically to help Lowe’s to get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, where we see a spike in traffic during this period of time, and to ensure a smooth customer experience to occurs,” Kliphouse shared.

Fortunately for Lowe’s, the impact Google Cloud has had on them has been a successful journey so much so the cloud company continued to expand initiatives to work across the rest of Lowe’s businesses, especially during this time where there is an increase in traffic on e-commerce sites.

Sabre, a travel and hospitality industry inked a 10-year partnership with Google Cloud to accelerate its digital transformation on three main initiatives.

  1. Migrating Sabre’s IT infrastructure 
  2. Use Google Cloud data analytics tools to enhance and optimise travels.
  3. Driving a broader innovation framework to deploy future capabilities

This strategic partnership enables a semi-automated flight reservation system making it the industry’s first such system, and with it improving operational agility while emerging new services. This is in line with revolutionising the travel industry and delivering new solutions moving forward. 

As part of their Industrial 4.0 initiative, Kirsten shared that Groupe Renault, an automotive manufacturer team-up with Google Cloud  to digitalise their production facilities and supply chain using Google Cloud solutions in machine learning and artificial intelligence, in order to create new industrial solutions.

While the existing partnership is accelerating towards digital transformation, Kirsten Kliphouse was thrilled to announce two new partnerships that have leveraged on Google Cloud solutions to reach their end-users.

Verizon, a US telecommunication carrier recently announced collaboration with Google Cloud in its ‘Contact Centre AI’ service. This advanced technology helps to digitalise the experiences end customers use and offer them the ability to drive that conversation directly.

“We are also working with them to leverage our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to help deliver more insights based on past experiences, this includes millions of customer service interactions as a way to improve the future interactions,” Kliphouse added.

Meanwhile, she added that Fox Sports’ collaboration with Google Cloud enables them to automate how their network labels, discovers, and stores all their video content. And this is done with Google Cloud AI advanced solutions where the data that has been out there over the years or even the millions of videos produced over the years, are organised accordingly – this ensures they have the accessibility to serve up the content when it is needed for their customers.

Kirsten concluded that apart from security and reliability, Google Cloud has been a hybrid and multi-cloud supporter across its customers hence why it’s often become their choice of cloud provider.

(This article was surmised from a Google Next pre-event briefing).