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Going back to endpoint security

Carbon Black’s APJ Managing Director Kane Lightowler said, “Historically across Asia Pacific, we have seen significant spending on network security and traditional endpoint security solutions.

“Organisations throughout the region primarily have relied upon network security to defend their endpoints from attacks – by inserting a perimeter between their endpoints (devices) and the outside world.”

He adds that with threats rapidly evolving in sophistication, increased encryption and usage of mobility and cloud, this security model is becoming less effective.

“Threat actors are targeting endpoints because it’s there —not on the network—where the information they want to steal or destroy resides.”

He also observed that this trend is driving an uptick in spending at the endpoint, although APAC has not yet keep pace with the increase in targeted attacks against endpoints.

What is Carbon Black?

Regardless of the vector an attacker uses to try and breach an organisation’s endpoints, the key is to ensure that no untrusted, unauthorised software is allowed to execute.

Lightowler said, “That’s why the growing focus on endpoint security is so critical to the overall cybersecurity landscape. With so many potential vulnerable spots including people, the need for comprehensive endpoint visibility, prevention, detection and response is crucial in any given organisation.”

According to him also, Carbon Black is laser-focused on securing endpoints—desktops, laptops, servers and fixed-function devices such as credit card machines and ATMs against all types of advanced attacks. If an employee is targeted in a phishing attack or if malware is introduced into the environment in any way, the key is to prevent the payload from running.

“The way to do that is through continuous monitoring and recording, coupled with policy-based prevention, powerful detection and response capabilities. That’s how Carbon Black secures our customers’ endpoints.”

One of the main strategies of Carbon Black is to unite their partners and customers so the best security and threat intelligence can be widely shared to improve every organisation’s security posture.

This also means all their products are built on open APIs, enabling customer to integrate their offerings into the customer’s overall security stack.

“That way, their endpoint security is connected to their network security for a united defence against attackers. We have formed partnerships with more than 70 Incident Response (IR) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) companies worldwide, including major players such as IBM, Dell SecureWorks and Ernst & Young (EY),” Lightowler said.

With dozens of technology alliances including with Facebook, Microsoft, Check Point Software and so on, Carbon Black customers have the collected know-how of over 10,000 security professionals to help arm their endpoints.


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