Fujitsu Malaysia Expands Its Local Private Cloud Business

The Fujitsu Cloud Initiative underlines the company’s global strategy to offer a comprehensive choice to its clients with the aim of accelerating innovation. Globally, the IT giant offers over 125 software as a service (SaaS) applications to over 7 million corporate end-users, which gives it the industry’s broadest capability to apply and integrate such solutions in any business.

In line with its global vision, Fujitsu has also recently introduced the company’s well-established Private Local Cloud Platform to Malaysian organisations, The offering was inaugurated with the availability of Fujitsu Malaysia’s first integrated solution that brings together the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering and the ERP Software as a Service application. With this integrated solution, customers now have access to not only the most robust and reliable Cloud-based ICT infrastructure available to organisations today, but also, the peace of mind that their business-critical data is housed right here in Malaysia.

The integrated IaaS and ERP SaaS solution from Fujitsu is a superbly resilient as it is hosted in a Tier III certified data centre with multiple layers of redundancy to ensure the valuable data is always preserved. At the same time, the robust ERP SaaS application supports multiple locations, languages, currencies and simple or complex business structures. It fits the needs of engineer-to-order, configure-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, make-to-forecast, ultra-high volume (continuous) and mixed-mode requirements.

“IT departments are constantly under pressure. The planning and provisioning required to support the new, go-to-market opportunities takes weeks or months using traditional models. By the time you design, order, rack, cable, install and test, months go by. With Fujitsu’s integrated Cloud solution, infrastructure components can be quickly dragged and dropped into immediate action, and 4-6 week network connections happen literally in seconds”, said Jeremy Nyam, Head of Managed Services, Fujitsu Malaysia.

“Combining Fujitsu’s presence in ERP and subscription on demand experience though the cloud, business owners can now become more agile and responsive to market demands with the right investment model. We also estimate that organization could save up to 40% of their annual IT costs by moving services to the Cloud”, he added.

To help customer kick start their journey, Fujitsu Cloud Services Management builds on 30 years of experience in delivering enterprise-class systems and service integration expertise to global organizations to reduce the operating cost of running a hybrid IT estate. It provides an agile platform capable of supporting the drive for innovation, while addressing the challenges of managing a fragmented – cloud and non-cloud – architecture.

The addition of Fujitsu Malaysia’s Local Private Cloud Platform, based on a fully provisioned, identical, large-scale cloud infrastructure is a vital step in the company’s  drive towards digitalization and true provisioning for Hybrid IT.

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