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Fujitsu Establishes Committee on AI Ethics

Fujitsu Limited has announced the establishment of the Fujitsu Group External Advisory Committee on AI Ethics, which is comprised of external experts. The committee will hold its first meeting today at Fujitsu’s global headquarters in Tokyo.

The committee aims to regularly discuss issues relating to ethics in the rapidly transforming field of AI, provide feedback to the Fujitsu Group AI Commitment(1), and embark on an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders throughout society to support the safe and secure use of emergent AI.

To help resolve ever-changing societal issues and environmental problems, the Fujitsu Group will continue to promote the development and delivery of technologies as well as solutions and services that adhere to AI ethics.

In March 2019, Fujitsu defined the policies it should observe as an enterprise engaged in business as well as research and development in the field of AI. This statement, informed by Fujitsu’s Human Centric vision for AI, forms the Fujitsu Group AI Commitment. Based on this commitment, Fujitsu has now established a committee of external experts as a way of receiving objective, third-party evaluations of the Fujitsu Group’s AI ethics, thereby enhancing the Fujitsu Group’s corporate governance in the area of AI ethics.

About the Fujitsu Group External Advisory Committee on AI Ethics

The Fujitsu Group External Advisory Committee will initiate an ongoing dialogue around the issues listed below, sharing the objective opinions and perspectives gained through these discussions with Fujitsu’s Board of Directors. The committee will help ensure that the employees in the Fujitsu Group who develop and deliver AI will have a high ethical stance, and that the Fujitsu Group will continue to promote the development and delivery of AI as well as solutions and services to enable the rich value provided by AI to be spread widely throughout society. The first meeting of the committee is being held today.

Issues to be discussed by the Fujitsu Group External Advisory Committee

  1. To consider, especially from an ethical perspective, the Fujitsu Group’s sales and technology activities relating to AI.
  2. To consider the impact of AI on Fujitsu Group employees, customers, consumers, and other stakeholders in society.
  3. To consider ways of advancing safe and secure Human Centric AI and AI technologies that contribute to greater value to society.
  4. To offer an unbiased evaluation of the Fujitsu Group AI Commitment in light of the above considerations. Fujitsu has nominated the following committee members, including those with special knowledge in the humanities and social sciences, including ethics and the law, as well as those with expertise in the physical sciences, including AI technology. The members may invite other external experts to join, depending on the topic being discussed.