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F-Secure ready to support SMEs in age of disruptive technology

The term ‘disruptive technologies’ is something that has been gaining headway over the past year or more in both the business as well as technology worlds. Yet in essence it isn’t something new at all. The term is simply coined to encompass new technology, or ways of using technologies that are replacing old ways.

For many Malaysian businesses, there is the fear that traditional business models would be rendered obsolete. For others, disruptive technology is seen as a possibility for a competitive advantage to those who embrace it and understand it.

And one of the most common denominators in either of these lines of thinking today is the same – cybersecurity.

Digital is the new business pivot

“When organizations originally thought ‘digital’, the meaning was to use technology to automate and create greater efficiency in their business operations, so as to maintain a competitive advantage,” said F-Secure Corporation’s Head of Malaysia and Asia-Pacific (Corporate Business) Amit Nath when we sought out his views.

“Today, digital means reaching out to customers digitally in so many way, so as not to be left behind,” he added.

“In other words, the digital economy is the economy today,” emphasised Amit eloquently.

In this light, companies and other organisations increasingly seek for managed security services and cloud-based delivery to help them maintain control of their security.

“Larger organisations are interested in securing their mobile device fleets and the demand for incident detection and response services remains very high, as attacks often remain unnoticed for months,” said Amit.

According to a July 2016 Gartner report, the consumer security software market continues to be impacted by the changing device landscape. Global PC shipments declined by 5.2% in the second quarter of 2016.

In contrast to this however, the number of connected smart home devices is growing rapidly. It is expected that there are over 4 billion connected “things” in the consumer market by the end of 2016, which opens opportunities for new innovative security products (Gartner, November 2015).

“This has created unprecedented opportunity for small and medium businesses to reach out to customer bases never before possible for them. It has levelled the playing field in so many ways, yet put these smaller businesses at some of the similar disadvantages that their larger competitors have always faced – security,” elaborated Amit on today’s operational realities.

“Today, everything from cloud-based software to personal drones is making previous technologies obsolete and creating new opportunities and markets. Yet across the board, everything has become interconnected thanks to digital. Where connectivity arises, so too does the potential for cyber threats,” he added.

“As the number of these connected devices and services continue to rise, the security challenge will at the same time become increasingly complex. Dedicated cyberattacks are becoming more advanced, and even more alarming, criminals are now looking towards companies of all sizes by taking advantage of vulnerabilities in popular software and online services,” he further said.

Hitting the right channels

In light of these dangers follows along the debate as to what level of security needs to accompany smaller businesses. Yet even more apparent, is that man of them simply cannot afford to handle security on their own as they are without the means to do so.

It is with this that the talents of security specialists such as F-Secure comes into play. F-Secure has been in the cybersecurity business for more than 26 years. Over that period, the company has been always at the forefront of consumers and businesses, protecting millions of computers globally. Through experience, F-Secure has developed security products ranging from individual consumer protection all the way to major corporates.

“F-Secure also has a vested interest in Malaysia, with hundreds of security engineers and analysts monitoring hundreds of thousands of threats in real-time every day from their research and development centre in Bangsar South. This level of experience and dedication is something that vendors who offer free solutions simply cannot provide,” said Amit.

Over the next phase of its growth, F-Secure seeks to capitalize on the continuing growth of the internet and connected world. As the ways business is done transforms amid increasing digitalization along with the increase in cybercrime, F-Secure will act as a broader provider of cybersecurity products and services.

“F-Secure is continuing to increase its investments in the fastest growing markets within corporate security. These include managed endpoint security services sold through the reseller channel as well as the cybersecurity services business,” said Amit.

“Investments in consumer security are continued at a level that targets profitable growth,” added Amit.

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