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Evolving to offer end-to-end data centre solutions

Celebrating 30 years in Malaysia this year, Emerson Network Power (Emerson) today, finds itself in a strong position in the power and thermal management/monitoring industry, with an extensive network of partners, be they distributors or solution partners or even authorised service partners.

Emerson’s Country Manager in Malaysia, Hitesh Prajapati said, ”We can be found where there is computing, communications and industrial automation involved.” Needless to say, the Internet of Things trend is also driving further usage of data centre, which inadvertently also leads to increased demand for protection of data centre technologies, telecommunications and network technologies and equipment.

Downtime is not an option and Emerson solutions like Trellis, can remotely monitor power usage of IT and facilities assets.

Hitesh Prajapati

Hitesh Prajapati

“It is a converged view for both IT and facility – it sees that servers deliver output that is expected, and the power distribution across the data centre for example; whether server racks are drawing energy as per benchmark,” explained Hitesh who said this kind of data can also drive informed decision-making by the management suite, to ultimately save costs and reduce downtime caused by unplanned maintenance.

Data centres

According to Hitesh, “We see a lot of concrete interest in increasing data centre capacity.”

The industry is also starting to discover better ways of building data centres, namely modular data centres and pre-fabricated data centres.

Modular data centres are pre-configured, standard sized modules with everything housed inside – power, server, storage… you name it.

Prefabricated data centres are the ones that large data centres tend to go for. Hitesh observed, “These are pre-integrated and tend to bypass project management and all the different stakeholders.

“It is picking up a lot of interest.”

Interestingly these type of data centres also drive less buffering for peak traffic loads because there would be a smaller pool of experts looking at it.

“There are less categories of people trying to build in their own buffers,” Hitesh explained. This means right-sizing of IT resources can be more accurate.

In fact, Malaysia serves as Emerson’s Asia hub for design and engineering. “As we grew here, we developed a centralised tech organisation that provides data centre power and cooling design and engineering services in this region,” said Hitesh.

Ultimately, Hitesh opined that Emerson is well-positioned to provide these (types of data centres), because they provide infrastructure for both network and data centres segments.

He said, “We are definitely a leading of critical infrastructure in our space. Our portfolio has evolved to be the most complete in terms of a data centre infrastructure provider – from design and building it out to support and services for the data centre.”

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