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Event management app Konfx gets major updates

Gain Secure announced an update to Konfx, making one of the region’s leading event management applications into even more. The update adds the capability to help event managers print conference name tag labels. Customers who already benefit from the advanced features of the app can now also see those benefits extended to hardware.

“We have always said that Konfx is a work in progress and that’s what this really represents. We want our customers to rest assured that when they get on board with us, we’re looking to their future as well. By constantly growing the Konfx app, we keep one of the best event management apps in the region relevant, so our customers don’t have to worry about anything else,” said Walter Wong, Founder and CEO, Gain Secure.

The typical conference organiser will often spend days before events arranging for the printing of name tags. This is time-consuming, because badges need to be sorted and organised, as well.

With Konfx’s new badge-printing feature, no more pre-print of name tags and sorting required. Delegates just need to go to any registration counter to check-in and have their badges printed accurately and quickly, on the spot.

“What you have to realise here today is that customers are becoming ever-critical of the events they attend. There are so many, so how do you stand out from the others? You need to hit on the head that vital good first impression with your attendees and guests. Offer them a seamless experience and save yourself the stress of unnecessary extra work,” said Wong.

Gain Secure has also enhanced the RSVP site to provide customers with QR codes via email to ease the check in process. Along with additional improvements on reporting features, provision for coordinates of conference venues and Facebook page updates, Konfx is better than ever before.

 Get the Complete 360 Service with Hardware Rental Inclusion

Event managers need to have confidence that everything will go smoothly. Thanks to Gain Secure’s hardware rental services, event organizers can now really have everything ready to make their events a roaring success.

With the new badge printing service feature, Gain Secure is going the full mile and has prepared Barcode Scanners for QR check-in, Label Printers, Traffic Monitoring via tablet and registration laptops configured for the Konfx RSVP system.

 Pricing & Availability

The updated Konfx app is available immediately. Prices start from as low as RM6,000, while hardware rental service fees vary depending on requirements.

For more information visit or contact 603-7980 0220

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