Equifax and FICO Showcase Data Decisions Cloud Product Suite

Equifax Inc. and FICO showcased the jointly developed Data Decisions Cloud suite  at FICO® World 2019 in New York. The full suite demonstrated at the event included the cloud-based Data Decisions Connected Platform™ and two solutions that combine Equifax differentiated data and analytics management with FICO digital decisioning capabilities.

These offerings are designed to help organizations harness the power of their data and analytics investments across the value chain to help assess risk, protect against fraud, improve marketing capabilities and better serve their customers at the pace of digital innovation.

As a key component of the Data Decisions Cloud suite, the new Connected Platform provides organizations with the ability to bring together disparate internal, external and third-party data through an open platform. The offering allows for the design of predictive models and advanced analytic artifacts that can easily be put into production by complimenting a company’s existing technology investments.

The combination of bureau data and attributes, FICO® Scores, and lenders’ proprietary data enables the creation and execution of market-leading strategies. This results in the ability to make better portfolio and strategy decisions like: when to initiate a credit line increase or decrease and by how much; the delivery of relevant cross-sell and up-sell opportunities at the right time; expansion to the right geographic locations; improved customer management; and more.

Using explainable artificial intelligence (xAI), the Data Decisions Cloud suite empowers teams to build world-class predictive models and advanced analytics that leverage the latest machine learning algorithms.