Epson wants to be key signage printer player

Epson has announced the launch of its next generation of SureColor S series high-performance printers across its Southeast Asia markets of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

This S series is the first large format signage printer powered by Epson’s PrecisionCore Thin Film Piezo printhead, and it was launched along with the fourth-generation Epson Ultrachrome GS3 solvent ink which reduces ink consumption, there is also improved vibrancy and a wider colour gamut, as well as improved drying times and extended outdoor durability.

Danny Lee (1st from right), Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager, Epson Malaysia (2nd from right) Shaun See, (1st from left) Yap Beng Tiek, Regional Product Manager, Epson Professional Printing Division (2nd from right)

Danny Lee (1st from right), Shimizu Tomoya, Country Manager, Epson Malaysia (2nd from right)
Shaun See, (1st from left), Yap Beng Tiek, Regional Product Manager, Epson Professional Printing Division (2nd from right)

The S series is is designed for high-speed production printing on a wide range of coated and uncoated surfaces, with an all-new precision media feeding system for significantly faster speeds.

The launch was held in Malaysia in conjunction with Epson Professional Printing Solutions Day.

General Manager of sales and marketing at Epson Malaysia, Danny Lee said, “There is strong growth potential in commercial and professional digital printing markets as we see increasingly more business owners looking for ways to offer innovative products and services that will help them stand out in the demanding market space, whilst continuously driving cost down.”

He had observed that the Malaysian market is maturing and that there is definite increase in the demand for short run as well as personalised printing. “Epson is primed to help our business partners capture the opportunities within this segment of market.”

The market

Epson regional General Manager of the Epson Professional Printing Division, Shaun See described the signage industry as experiencing high single-digit growth in the region.

“Epson is a new boy in this space but we want to compete and be a key player as well as gain sizeable market share.”

Whilst maintaining world leadership in traditional segments like pro photography, proofing and CAD/poster printing at approximately 40-percent, segments like signages and textiles are still new and growing by leaps and bounds.

See observed that paper consumption has not gone down and that the traditional segments will still maintain, but countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia are fueling growth of on-demand digital textile and garments printing. In these markets, growth is as high as 60-percent.

“Digitisation is happening quickly,” said See but he also admits that there still needs to be more customer education about what is possible with printers.

What’s next

Epson aims for 20 percent growth for the 2016 financial year.

To support future growth in this region, especially since Asia is emerging to be a global production hub for signages, Epson has invested in a center for print innovation in Singapore.

This center would house professional graphics consultants as well as be a media testing facility that ensures the right match of inks and media to optimise inks.

It would also serve as a place to educate and share with customers and business partners about best practices and customer innovations over the years.

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