Epicor Vincent Tang

Epicor: Reconnecting with Asia with a cloud-focused theme

What does a construction and property focused group of companies have in common with a provider of strategic healthcare services? Well for one, both are users of Epicor ERP solutions, and attended Epicor’s recent Asia ReConnect event for customers last week.

Epicor’s Regional VP Vincent Tang welcomes an audience to the first region-wide and in-person Epicor event since June 2019.

Chin Hin Group which began over four decades ago as a hardware shop in Alor Setar, Kedah has diversified since 1974 into signature kitchen solutions as well as property and construction, although trading of building materials still remains as one of its main activities.

Antah Healthcare Group is one the largest Malaysia-owned healthcare marketing and distribution company in the country, with nearly 60 years experience.

And something else that both these organisations have in common is how they recognised that an ERP solution would be pivotal for the next stage of their growth.

Epicor’s Head of International, Andy Coussins, pointed out that Epicor is a 52-year old cloud-first tech provider with recent acquisition activity of only cloud-first companies. He said, “We want to be the leader of cloud in the industry markets you serve.”

Chin Hin Group’s General Manager of IT and digitalisation projects, Steven Oh, shared that different ERP solutions have different strengths. “Epicor is well-known for manufacturing and that is where their advantage is.” He declined to share further.

Senior IT Manager of Antah Strategic Services, Vincent Kang, said that as part of the Antah Group’s transformation, they have adopted Epicor solutions for warehouse automation processes like bar-coding. “This helps streamline processes and enables the business to move smoothly.”

Something else they have also implemented is daily and automated reporting for their suppliers – these healthcare products and pharmaceuticals suppliers collect order information which is sent to Antah’s ERP system.

Vincent Tang had shared how the company is investing heavily in this region, having opened a legal office in Ho Chi Minh City, doubled their headcount in Indonesia, and signing up two new partners in Philippines to develop the business.

Antah’s focus during Epicor’s customer event was to learn more about their new innovations, so that the group would be better able to plan, strategise, and implement.

Kinetic, a tool built into Epicor ERP has already been identified as being a core technology that can help transform business processes for organisations.

However, any solution upgrades will have to be approached, planned, customised and implemented carefully, due to needing to comply to regulations in the industry.