EnterpriseTV is Launched as Malaysia’s Latest Internet TV Channel

EnterpriseTV ( today debuts as the country’s latest Internet TV station, with the objective of becoming the default Internet TV channel for news and events for Malaysia’s public sector.

EnterpriseTV is a private endeavor that intends to fulfill the existing gap for an independent and easily accessible digital channel – that focuses on the activities, policies, initiatives and personalities in the government ministry.

For starters, it will have its content segregated under five (5) main categories of Nation-Building, Infrastructure, Corporate, Retail/ Consumer and People, covering an amalgamation of industries such as the financial services, manufacturing, oil & gas, logistics, retail, tourism, energy, technology, telecommunication, healthcare and more.ETV

Its news content will primarily focus on the Malaysian government’s on-going efforts and initiatives as undertaken by the various ministries, agencies and divisions.

The Lead Content Consultant for EnterpriseTV, Anne Edwards says, ”The Public Sector is the single largest entity and machinery that drives the local economy, as well as serves the Rakyat. Yet at the same time, the workings of the Public Sector is complex and diverse; hence it is often deemed as confusing to the corporate world of professional organizations, and to the society at large.”

She says that EnterpriseTV intends to alleviate this by zooming in to the ‘business’ of the Public Sector, by coverage of relevant government events and activities; as well as featuring ad-hoc interviews with key Ministry and agency personalities on pertinent public sector issues.

“All ministries have certain levels of KPI performances as any professional or corporate business would be. The difference is that the Public Sector has to balance this with its main raison d’être of servicing the people,” says Edwards.

EnterpriseTV is launched under the private initiative of publishing house ACG Media Sdn Bhd, as the broadcast brand version to Enterprise IT News ( – currently one of the country’s Top IT News Channel for technology and ICT news.

ACG Media’s Managing Director Alvin Chang says that by focusing on the Public Sector and its ‘business’,EnterpriseTV is apt for international products and brands which are imports into the country and want to have a platform to showcase their offerings to civil servants and decision-makers in the government agencies.

“I believe that the launch of EnterpriseTV as the meets the market’s demand for more independent channels to satisfy the demands for quality content. We hope to provide a ‘Business Perspective’ of the government’s initiatives, the masses will better understand and relate how the Public Sector is also highly driven by commercial best practices and professional corporate principals,” he says.

Chang adds that the appointment of Anne Edwards as the Lead Content Consultant of EnterpriseTV is only apt based on Edwards’ plethora of experience in the TV broadcast industry. “In her many years producing TV news content, Anne has a sharpened eye on what are good news angles to portray the work of the government in managing the country and serving the people.”

EnterpriseTV expects that its viewership will cross the 50,000 mark by the middle of Year 2016.


About ACG Media Sdn Bhd

Established in 2013, ACG Media operations and publishes five (5) other print-based publications focusing on lifestyle and design themes, including Baccarate Malaysia, Fixtures, AsiaDesign, Designer Concept and Metropolitan. It also operates Enterprise IT News – as an online technology news channel, and most recently Enterprise TV – as an Internet TV channel.

About Anne Edwards

Anne is Head of Pi Media Productions, a division of Pi PR Consultancy Sdn Bhd. She has under her belt over 20 years of experience in journalism, radio and TV broadcasting. She began her career in journalism at The Star, and later pioneered TV3’s new fleet of broadcast journalists as a News Anchor. Gaining recognition as a front liner anchor broadcaster at TV3, RTM, NTV7, Astro and Bernama TV, Anne was last the managing editor of Bloomberg TV (Malaysia), and also served in the Perdana Leadership Foundation think-tank in 2003.

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