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Enterprise-class simplicity

According to Simplivity’s Asia Pacific Vice President, Scott Morris, their solutions are very relevant to any company that is managing a legacy IT infrastructure in their data centre.

Many companies look to the cloud to drive cost of legacy complexity out. At the same time though, they fear losing enterprise-class capabilities, which is where hyperconverged infrastructure solutions come in.With SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, IT can bridge that gap and attain the best of both worlds: the economics of the cloud along with enterprise class functionality.“Simplivity’s hyperconverged infrastructure takes 8 to 12 legacy technologies that exist in the data centre below the hypervisor and assimilates them into x86 based building blocks, all managed through a single management interface,” he explained.

Many industries that use information technology, and have been using information technology for a good number of years, do see the benefits of hyperconvergence now.

“Rather than a specific industry, we are see companies of all sizes seeing the benefits of hyperconvergence, because it reduces so much complexity of management and enables IT organisations to focus on delivering better service to their business,” said Morris.

ASEAN scenario

In addition to hyperconverging many data centre functions, SimpliVity also offers a unique data architecture that deduplicates, compresses and optimises information once and forever. As a result customers are seeing storage requirements reduce by as much as 100:1, according to Morris.

Hyperconvergence is so exciting to IT heads for other reasons as well.

Morris explained, “They can imagine consolidating all of those functions and management consoles, reducing the amount of infrastructure that they have and the number of skills they need to manage it all, and refocusing their resources more strategically.”

Hyperconvergence overhyped?

Hyperconvergence came into the limelight last year, and since then many tech players have announced hyperconverged solutions, either by themselves, or in collaboration with another tech vendor.

Morris said, “There’s a lot of noise in the market today about hyperconvergence. Vendors are under pressure to say they have a hyperconverged solution.

“But if you look closely, you’ll see most vendors are combining little more than storage, servers, and other products for data protection—cobbled together with no material efficiency or performance benefits.”

He also opined that Simplivity is the only company to deliver a true hyperconverged solution by natively assimilating all IT infrastructure capabilities below the hypervisor—including native data protection, data efficiency and global unified management.

“We’ve further differentiated our infrastructure with a unique data architecture that achieves superior data efficiency by deduplicating, compressing and optimising all data at inception in real time, once and forever—and without performance penalties,” Morris concluded.

Besides offering the SimpliVity OmniCube hyperconverged infrastructure, they have partnered with Cisco to enable customers to choose SimpliVity’s OmniStack solution, delivered on Cisco UCS.

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