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Enterprise Architecture for Digital Transformation

The Business IT Architecture Series (BITAS) Conference was held over two cerebral days last week at Universiti Tecknologi Malaysia, Advanced Informatics School. It brought together local partners and communities, international and local industry leaders, practitioners and academicians to share on the best practices and skillsets required for success in the new digital enterprise.

The 2-day event explored the current digital business trends, how to optimize business capabilities in this new world as well as how to build and sustain an enterprise architecture for successful digital transformation.

Dr. Ariffin Marzuki, medical lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia delivered his insights in a light-hearted way

Dr. Ariffin Marzuki, medical lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia delivered his insights in a light-hearted way

Buy-in from the government is evidenced by the fact that the Deputy DG (ICT) of Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU), one of the more prominent government agencies in Malaysia responsible for modernising and reforming the public sector, was on hand to give the opening keynote.

In-depth presentations covering the A-Z of business IT architecture showed a thorough agenda. For example, from the topic of secure networking requirements to SD-WAN revolution to exploring the relevance of public sector ICT strategic plan to how to refine new digital channels for products and service, were all discussed.

One of the talks that took on a lighter note was by Dr. Ariffin Marzuki bin Mokhtar, whose passion shone through in his recount of his personal digital transformation and the active role he undertakes to build competency for digital transformation in the healthcare vertical industry.

Dr. Ariffin is a medical lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia and is still a practicing surgeon, who handles complicated surgical procedures. He uses IT extensively for reading, research and writing… all with his trusty digital pen.Ariffin1

Outside of work, he continues to embed IT in his daily life, including tracking his fitness using technology.





Top executive, Mr. Chan Kok Long, came on the heels of Dr. Ariffin’s presentation and made it another engaging discussion. Mr. Chan is the executive director and co-founder of iPay88, the largest payment gateway in Malaysia.

In presenting “Disrupt or Being Disrupted”, Chan established that digital transformation had completely reshaped society’s shopping habits and tendencies today as purchases migrate online. It is noteworthy that payment trends are also affected by different generations, eliciting different marketing strategies to meet the response of Gen X, Y, Z and beyond, which he coined “Gen Alpha”. What are the “blue oceans” created as a result of technology evolution?

Chan Kok Long, PIKOM councillor & co-founder of iPay88 receiving a token of appreciation from Assoc. Professor Wardah Zainal Abidin who is also Iasa Malaysian Chapter president




Here were his highlights:

§  Red Ocean Becoming Blue Ocean!
§  Traditional Point of Sales (Red Ocean)
§  Mobile Apps on Tablets e.g iPad, etc (Blue Ocean) + Online / Real time Payment
§  Company becoming dinosaur e.g Kodak (Film)
§  Fuji Film changed -> Capitalized on digital camera at digital storage & multimedia


Disruption Factors in Fintech & Ecommerce
§  Affordable “High Tech” Technology.
§  Programming Become a normal to Gen Z & Alpha
§  Speed to market (6 months max!)
§  Affordable solutions to complex problems
§  Borderless(Lazada+ Alibaba) Huge Market Potential
§  Mobility (Smart phone make mobility is a reality)
§  Time is now a “Physical Commodity” people have no time to waste – standard of living due to lifestyle, Gen Y, Gen Z & Alpha

When a melting pot of such brain power and experience come together, it can only mean that participants took home with them a rejuvenated sense of purpose and insight on how they too, can contribute meaningfully towards a successful enterprise transformation in this digital era.



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