Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd (EA), Malaysia’s first and only integrated Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA), charges forward in 2017 with a flurry of milestones, starting with the launch of m8 World SIM. m8 World SIM is expected to take travelling SIM cards to the next level for both the business and leisure market segments.

At a media event held recently in conjunction with its 4th anniversary celebration, EA announced the launch of the m8 World SIM product under its MVNA business model, along with the launch of the Buzzme World SIM Starterpack under EA’s in-house Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business model. The launches re-affirm EA’s commitment to re-strategize the brand, products and solutions; further strengthening its entire business portfolio. The introduction of these premier telco products come at a time when EA is fostering its core values and position in the MVNO space that is increasingly challenging.

Mr Loke Yee Siong (second from right), Group Chief Executive Officer of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd officiating the launch of m8 World SIM Product. With him are (from left) Mr Jeff Bong, Representative from U Mobile Sdn Bhd.; Dato Sri Dr Eric Yap, Chairman of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd; Mr Jason Ho, Founder and Chairman of Taisys Technologies Co Ltd Taiwan; and Mr Alex Lim, Executive Director of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd.

Mr Loke Yee Siong (second from right), Group Chief Executive Officer of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd officiating the launch of m8 World SIM Product. With him are (from left) Mr Jeff Bong, Representative from U Mobile Sdn Bhd.; Dato Sri Dr Eric Yap, Chairman of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd; Mr Jason Ho, Founder and Chairman of Taisys Technologies Co Ltd Taiwan; and Mr Alex Lim, Executive Director of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd.

To continue leading the MVNO space, the team at EA acknowledged the need for better innovations, products and operating models, and researched both the Malaysian and ASEAN regional markets while exploring and evaluating partnership opportunities, growth potential, and transformation exercises. m8 World SIM – a premier telco product registered as a trademark of EA – is the result of a successful commercial partnership between EA and Taisys Technologies Co Ltd from Taiwan, with advanced technological and management support from EA’s official Mobile Network Operator (MNO), U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

Following 2016’s regional expansion efforts, m8 World SIM services are expected to further enhance EA’s current service portfolio at the enterprise level – transcending geographical boundaries and accelerating EA towards becoming ASEAN’s most preferred aggregator for MVNOs. For consumers, this remarkable milestone, coupled with the commencement of regional brand exposure into the five ASEAN countries consisting of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar, will allow Malaysian and regional customers to stay connected abroad with just a single SIM card – enabling them to travel in style and be connected to the world in a borderless manner.

Spearheaded by the management board of Mr. Loke Yee Siong (EA’s Group Chief Executive Officer), Mr. Kewell Yap (EA’s Chief Business Controller), Ms. Veronica Ong (EA’s Chief Product Officer), and Mr. Tony Soh (EA Thailand’s Chief Executive Officer), who together are committed to upholding the transformation philosophy of “ENABLING FUTURE. EDGING ASIA.”, the commercial viability of m8 World SIM with its competitive propositions and advantages saw it emerged as one of the key pillars in consolidating EA’s service portfolio to provide one-stop MVNO solutioning lifecycle. m8 World SIM will be made available not only to existing MVNOs under the EA brand, but also to potential MVNO partners in ASEAN who are ready to follow EA’s footsteps in becoming regional players.

m8 World SIM adopts a local mobile number of the destination countries instead of the conventional roaming arrangement to ensure seamless connectivity. As all SIM cards under MVNOs hosted by EA offer the same consumer advantages, customers can now stay connected to the world in more than 200 countries within an informed and controlled cost environment. Customers can start planning for their business trips or vacations without having to worry about connectivity and the hefty charges of International Roaming. “As we prepare to transform ourselves into a regional MVNA, m8 World SIM’s prospective of shifting the telco innovations landscape from border-constrained to a convergence one allows EA to address under-served consumer needs fundamentally and gain market share substantively,” emphasized Loke at the launch recently.


n conjunction with the launch of m8 World SIM, Buzzme World SIM Starterpack – a new category of prepaid starterpack – has been made available to the Malaysian mobile consumer market since May 2017. Buzzme is a registered trademark under Mobile 8 Telco Sdn Bhd and is EA’s in-house MVNO.

Buzzme World SIM Starterpack, with the tagline “ONE WORLD. ONE SIMCARD.”, operates the m8 World SIM feature in a hybrid model, enabling customers to stay connected locally in Malaysia as well as whenever they are abroad in more than 200 countries. The starterpack has a recommended retail price of RM99 with RM50 worth of pre-loaded credit and can be purchased online as well as at a number of appointed channels across the country.

The hybrid model prepaid wallet allows the pre-loaded credit and any subsequent credit top-ups to be used for Malaysian local traffic or to purchase a subscription plan abroad when traveling. All customers of MVNOs hosted under EA, including Buzzme, will be able to top-up their prepaid wallet via m8 Reload, a common reload currency. This can be done online at m8.com.my or nationwide at any 7-Eleven stores and e-Pay touch point as well as any appointed dealers.

“The consumer segment of Buzzme World SIM Starterpack is niche but has an immensely handsome potential. Especially with today’s advanced lifestyle due to globalization, it is inevitable for individuals to travel abroad for business or vacation. In addition, competitive air fares and low-cost tickets encourage people to travel even more. With our value-for-money plans and lifestyle innovations, our position has further strengthened as a great deal for lifestyle-savvy, always connected youths,” said Loke.

“Buzzme World SIM Starterpack will transmute the old-school travelling traditions and make a fun trip even more enjoyable by removing the hassle of looking for a way to stay connected. Not to mention, business trips will now be more efficient. A SIM card with m8 World SIM feature is now enough wherever you are. Bid goodbye to studying or queuing up to buy a starterpack at the airports,” added Loke.


As our customers’ lifestyle companion, Buzzme is all about getting delighted. Customers who purchase and activate the Buzzme World SIM Starterpack can make their travel experiences even more awesome with m8 World SIM in just a few steps:

  • Step 1 Getting Started – Insert the Buzzme World SIM into a mobile device, connect to WiFi and download the m8 World SIM mobile application (APP).
  • Step 2 Login – Login with the mobile number and APP password printed on the SIM card, then register your personal details as required. You will receive an SMS notification and email upon completion.
  • Step 3 Before Departure – You can purchase a subscription plan from the destination country via the APP and payment can be made via your existing prepaid wallet or credit card. You will receive an SMS notification and email once the transaction is successfully completed. The destination country’s mobile number will automatically be pre-assigned and will appear within the APP together with the purchased subscription plan.
  • Step 4 Arriving Abroad – Login to the APP and select the destination country’s subscription plan. The first usage abroad of the plan shall commence from this point and you can now enjoy your trip while being connected to the world.
  • Step 5 Coming Home – Login to the APP and select your home country’s mobile number to use the SIM card locally once you are back in your home country.

For more information on Buzzme World SIM Starterpack, log on to buzzme.com.my, contact our Hello Centre at +6011-3400 4400 or send us an email at hello@buzzme.com.my.


As an MVNA and MVNO that started in Malaysia, it is essential for EA and Buzzme to become regional players for company expansion. The first phase of this will cover five countries – Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar. These five countries, with a population of 500 million, make up 80% of ASEAN and have an estimated 130 million Internet users. “The MVNA and MVNO business models are the most cost effective way to go regional, and from a corporate perspective, it is the fastest way for corporate equity building and branding, as well as raising funds for the next phase of expansion. Together, EA and Buzzme are confident that we can become the role model for regional players in the telco landscape,” noted Loke.

These milestones follow EA’s astounding business development closures in 2016, with two strategic deals of signing up two new Malaysian MVNOs, which were launched under EA in early 2017. As part of this regional expansion, EA has also entered into a partnership agreement with Oasis Systems Pty Ltd from Australia for an upcoming 5-year term of Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) solutioning partnership. By going international, EA aspires to build up the brand’s equity alongside its corporate website. The relaunched of enablingasia.com in March 2017 exemplifies EA’s regional leadership identity, with vibrant colors, a professional layout, and a focus on enterprise clientele friendliness.

EA, being a pioneer in the MVNA business model, has not only managed to innovate Malaysia’s telco industry but has also managed to impress the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commissions of Thailand (NBTC) and TOT Public Company Limited (Thailand’s state-owned telco) with its new MVNA business model in Thailand’s telco industry. This has led to the successful approval of the first MVNA license application to NBTC by EA Thailand at the end of March 2017. Buzzme Thailand, for the first half of 2017 will be working hard to build its business foundation as well as build up its subscriber base, and will serve as a showcase for other potential MVNOs when the MVNA business model is strategized and implemented subsequently.

EA is looking to speed up their regional go-to-market process in Indonesia as the country offers bright opportunities and confidence for both MVNOs and MVNAs. Hence, EA began discussions in 2016 with several MNOs and telco product distributors to find an appropriate partnership candidate to incorporate a joint venture company in Indonesia.

EA believes that all these successes are not possible without the support from its partners, clients and the media. “The success of EA’s business development is thanks to the support of all our stakeholders. We look forward to further collaborations as we begin to grow into regional leading virtual telecommunications provider,” said Loke.



Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd (EA), a pioneer of Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator (MVNA) in Malaysia and ASEAN is co-founded by Mr. Loke Yee Siong. We are a specialist firm that delivers integrated solutions for enterprise clients looking to establish their own Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) business model. EA aims to become the preferred aggregator in Malaysia and ASEAN’s virtual telco industry by creating strategic partnerships and service portfolio to deliver a suite of essential and user-friendly virtual telco innovations. Led by some of the best talents in the industry and supported by extensive network coverage, EA has the ability to assist enterprises, big or small, to build their own MVNO business arm and help them reach their target market quicker at an affordable investment.

The MVNA business model is inspired by the co-founders who saw a rising opportunity from SMEs and corporations in Malaysia that plans to venture into the mobile telco business. The MVNA business model requires no capital expenditures (CAPEX) to build the network infrastructure, as it commits wholesale traffic from an appointed Mobile Network Operator (MNO) under a master wholesale agreement. The business model allows license holders to re-sell the traffic to its recruited MVNO by hosting and launching the MVNO under the license holder’s platform. License holders shall have its in-house connectivity system software and hardware to configure the network with MNO, and make the system partitions capable to host multiple MVNOs. The connectivity operations can be outsourced to external party for better talent management and technology advancement. EA’s strategic partner for MNO is U Mobile Sdn Bhd and for the newly appointed platform service provider is Oasis Systems Pty Ltd from Australia.

The fundamental strength of our one-stop service portfolio has allowed EA to offer tailored solutions to suit the unique needs of various businesses such as MVNO startup and lifecycle solutions which include prepaid SIM card and reload voucher, system configuration, CDR reporting, number allocation system, reload system, connectivity service and customer service for enterprise clients who seek to become our MVNOs. On top of our core service –EA MVNO Solutioning, we also provide value added services like EA 4G for high-speed network, EA Business Intelligence for dashboard and reporting, EA Trademark Services for intellectual properties, and EA Digital Services for website and mobile application development. Additionally, EA has launched an m8 synergized platform, a globalized product branded as m8 World SIM which has been made available in Malaysia. As a value-added chain which includes m8 Rewards for loyalty programme, m8 Reload for common reload and m8 World SIM. This platform is open to all MVNOs.

EA’s business model was designed with all stakeholders in mind – from MNO, platform service provider, and distribution partners, to their enterprise clients and consumers. Using this go-to-market approach, EA is committed to creating value through the entire supply chain and to become the aggregator for network bridging – realizing the business development goal of SMEs and corporations in becoming a mobile telco service provider. The current MVNO clientele of EA comprise of companies from diverse backgrounds.

Having started the company in Malaysia makes it essential for EA to become regional players for company expansion. The MVNA and MVNO business models are the most cost effective way to go regional, and from a corporate perspective, it is the fastest way for corporate equity building and branding, as well as business diversification and transformation. Therefore, EA encourages SMEs and corporations from local to abroad who aspire to become a mobile telco service provider to join the MVNO force in becoming regional players. Our business model will provide solid penetration in terms of acquisition and retention, with minimal cost that will suit new comers best in the virtual telco industry.

For more information on EA, please visit enablingasia.com, contact the regional office at +603-6211 2951 or email to contact@enablingasia.com. Follow latest updates or engage with the brand via social media at facebook.com/EnablingAsia.


Buzzme, an in-house Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) brand of Enabling Asia Tech Sdn Bhd (EA), is a mobile telco service provider that aims to deliver the most rewarding prepaid mobile services in Malaysia, led by co-founder and Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Loke Yee Siong. Buzzme was established in May 2013, under Mobile 8 Telco Sdn Bhd and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of EA. Our network rides on EA strategic partner’s network, namely U Mobile Sdn Bhd, to provide customers with the strongest and fastest mobile network service nationwide.

Buzzme re-launched its new identity in August 2016 by digitalizing our marketing and distribution strategy. We introduced a fresher and more vibrant image with the Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials market segments in mind. Staying true to our tagline – “BEYOND MOBILE. ENRICHING LIFE.”, we are committed in going the extra mile for our customers with the objective of bringing value to our customer’s lifestyle. With Buzzme, it is all about getting rewarded, making it the preferred choice over other prepaid products on the market. Below are some of Buzzme’s propositions:

  • Unlimited Validity – 1st in Malaysia to offer subscription plans with free validity
  • Delightful Rewards – 1st in Malaysia to offer 20% credit back for pay-per-use traffics
  • Reload Indulgence – 1st in Malaysia to offer Reload Indulgence programme
  • Cheaper Reloads Online – 1st in Malaysia to offer better reload value through top-up online
  • Smarter Bundles – 1st in Malaysia to offer affordable and well-rounded packages to prepaid customers
  • Free PA Insurance – 2nd in Malaysia to offer Personal Accident coverage of up to RM100,000

As an MVNO, Buzzme offers unique and innovative plans that are both affordable and value-packed. Once a customer purchases the Buzzme Prepaid Starterpack, they can then subscribe to the following plans with their available credit in prepaid wallet:

  • Smarter Bundle – An all-rounded, value-for-money package with data, calls and SMS
  • Smart Surf – Smart and reasonable data plans for customers who care more about data
  • Smart Validity – Allows customers to enjoy 365 days of validity by paying a one-time fee of RM38

Furthermore, Buzzme’s Reload Indulgence programme rewards its customers with five benefits whenever they reload. Customers will enjoy free 500MB data, double credit during their birthday month and free Personal Accident insurance coverage in the following month with a minimum reload of RM30. Customers who reload online will also receive free 30% extra credit and will stand a chance to win prizes if they reload RM100 or above.

Via EA’s online store – m8.com.my, Buzzme customers are able to purchase starterpacks, reloads, mobile devices and accessories. The website also provides a platform for rewards and self-care account that helps all MVNOs hosted under EA reach a wider market in a cost-saving approach. To synergize the sales and distribution landscape, all customers can top-up their prepaid wallet via m8 Reload, a common reload currency. m8 Reload is available nationwide at over 1,800 7-Eleven stores and 22,000 E-pay touch points.

As part of its regional expansion, Buzzme recently introduced the globalized product of Buzzme World SIM Starterpack under the tagline of “ONE WORLD. ONE SIMCARD.”. With the advanced solution provided by m8 World SIM feature, Buzzme customers will be able to stay connected locally in Malaysia as well as abroad at reasonable rates by subscribing to a destination country’s subscription plans without having to purchase and swap to the countries local SIM card upon arrival. This premier telco product will help us to become the trusted network provider wherever our customer’s go.

For more information on Buzzme, please visit buzzme.com.my. You can also contact our Hello Centre at +6011-3400 4400 or email to hello@buzzme.com.my. Follow our latest updates and engage with us on social media at facebook.com/Buzzme.m8 and @buzzme.m8 on Instagram

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