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Dropbox to set up point-of-presence in Sydney

By Geoff Long

File sharing and collaboration service Dropbox has announced the deployment of its first point-of-presence in Sydney as part of an investment boost for the ANZ region.

The PoP will act as a proxy server for the region and is expected to increase performance as well as complement existing built-in technologies like LAN Sync and Delta Sync to further boost upload and download speeds.

The proxy will be available to all users and will be deployed within the next two months. Dropbox cited “unprecedented growth” in ANZ for the investment, with 44% of the ASX200 having a Dropbox Business account – up from 34% last year – and 99% of ASX200 companies claimed to have a Dropbox footprint of some kind.

Commenting on the growth, Dropbox APAC head of solutions architecture Daniel Iversen said there was greater importance put on collaboration in ANZ. “In a small and isolated market like ANZ, global collaboration is becoming the secret sauce in driving innovation and competitive differentiation,” he said.

“Workplace communication and collaboration is still extremely fragmented, with people on average using four to five communication channels a day. This represents a huge opportunity to make collaboration simple and effective through a single platform,” Iversen added, noting new customers including Built, Toyota, Kogan, and Airtasker.


(This article first appeared in www.commsday.com)

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