Dimension Data, NTT Communications and Training Partners become NTT LTD.

NTT Ltd., the world-leading global technology services provider, announces Dimension Data, NTT Communications and Training Partners will today join 28 companies and brands from over 70 countries worldwide, rebranding as NTT, the global US $11 billion technology services company.

Also announced today is that NTT Ltd. in Malaysia will be led by Henrick Choo as CEO, Malaysia for NTT Ltd. He will be responsible for making sure the country meets the ambitious objectives of NTT Ltd. and its clients. He reports to ASEAN CEO for NTT Ltd, Kim-Meng Png.

Based in Singapore, Png will be responsible for the company’s strategic development and operations across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines. He reports to John Lombard, Asia Pacific CEO for NTT Ltd.

When launched on 1 July 2019, NTT Ltd. brought together 40,000 people from brands, including   Dimension Data, DTSI, Emerio, NTT Communications, NTT Security, and Training Partners into one company. NTT Ltd. will partner over 10,000 clients around the world, including leading organizations across financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy & utilities, manufacturing, automotive and technology sectors. In rebranding to NTT, NTT Ltd. in Malaysia will be able to offer its clients an unparalleled range of skills and capabilities across many technologies.

The brands that will be combined over a phased period to form NTT Ltd. include; Arkadin, CAPSiDE, Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM), DPA, DTSI Group, Emerio, e-shelter, Euricom, e2y, Global IP Network (GIN), Gyron, Netmagic Solutions,  NTT Communications Cloud Infrastructure Services (NTT Com CIS), NTT Communications Managed Services,  NTT Global Networks,  NTT Indonesia Nexcenter (NTTI Nexcenter), Oakton, RagingWire, Secure-24, SQL Services, Symmetry, Training Partners, Transatel, Viiew and WhiteHat Security.

As well as being able to offer more in-depth industry solutions for clients, NTT Ltd. in Malaysia will benefit from NTT’s innovation center in Japan as well as being able to make use of its full partnership network.

John Lombard, Asia Pacific CEO for NTT Ltd. commented, “We’re delighted to launch the NTT brand in Asia Pacific, as various companies including Dimension Data, DTSI, Emerio, NTT Communications, NTT Security and Training Partners join the NTT Ltd. family.”

“I’m also pleased to announce the appointment of Henrick Choo as CEO. He has been chosen to lead NTT Ltd. in Malaysia based on his exceptional background and proven track records in the organization. I’m confident that under his capable leadership, we will become a leading services provider that can deliver intelligent, innovative solutions that address any of our clients’ digital challenges worldwide.”

Choo added, “It’s an honor to be leading NTT Ltd. in Malaysia into this exciting new era. NTT is such a great, well-respected brand – and is doing amazing things for its clients and society in general. We owe the brand’s success to the outstanding talents and team that make up the foundation of the brand. Our people are indeed our best assets as they carry with them the experience, knowledge and refined skills needed to take NTT to new heights. We are pleased to announce that as of today, we can offer local clients with access to the NTT brand, and its wealth and breadth of capabilities. Together we do great things.”

Further information can be found on our new website – www.hello.global.ntt

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