Digi’s Wi-Fi to connect land transport vehicles

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) has launched a Wi-Fi solution to enable bus and train companies as well as other land transport operators to offer seamless connectivity to their passengers as they commute and travel about.

iFleet Wi-Fi leverages Digi’s 4G-LTE network and supports multiple concurrent users, and cross-border connectivity in Singapore and Thailand. It is Digi’s first subscription-based, transport connectivity solution to improve the onboard passenger experience by turning travel time into productive time.

The new service was piloted with several customers and most recently in Sarawak with Bus Kuching, an electric bus service in the state.

Digi’s Chief Digital Officer, Praveen Rajan said,”68% of Malaysians use the Internet when they are on-the-go. The industry has reached the point where Wi-Fi on transit is now deemed to be an essential offering for land transport operators.”

With iFleet Wi-Fi, land transport operators can reduce their costs by benefitting from minimal upfront investment – the simple subscription service provides a much lower cost for the Wi-Fi service that is typically very expensive for commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicle and land transport operating companies can also choose to customise their brand message on the Wi-Fi landing page to further personalise the service to their passengers. This also allows the operators to serve ads on their landing page to further monetise the service.

Given the increasing usage of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, Wi-Fi can be effective to gather passenger data and insights in which land transport operators can leverage to improve their services.