DiGi’s Drive for Mobile Broadband Critical Mass

DiGi Telecommunications has struck a partnership with Evernote, that will see the latter’s suite of premium productivity applications bundled together with DiGi’s customised mobile broadband plans for tablets and iPads. Evernote isn’t the only Internet services provider that is collaborating with DiGi, however.

According to DiGi’s head of products – Internet & Services, Praveen Rajan, “As part of the Telenor Group, DiGi is in a unique position to leverage on the global framework agreements signed with key Internet partners like Opera Software, WhatsApp and Google.

Praveen also shared that DiGi has established collaborations with social networking providers like Facebook and Twitter to provide relevant services in attractive packages, as a way to enhance and drive the mobile Internet experience to customers.

“Both parties will enjoy mutual benefits as the packaged services will help to drive each other’s subscriber growth. We are not able to provide specific details of the agreements due to confidentiality and competitive reasons.”

Driving critical mass
These deals are for the benefit of Internet-savvy Malaysians whose numbers are increasing every day. DiGi’s stable of partner application target Malaysians who are keen to access social networking sites with their mobile devices. “They can be in any age group as DiGi ensures that the services offered are accessible on any platform, whether on smart devices or feature phones,” clarified Praveen.

Instead of letting potential users discover and download apps for themselves, these partnerships differentiate by making it easy for customers who are still tentative about using mobile Internet.

“It creates a dynamic ecosystem of relevant digital services that are accessible and attractively packaged for the full mobile Internet experience. Also, close collaboration with (these) Internet players enable DiGi customers to enjoy or try out premium services that they would normally won’t subscribe to.”

With regards to the kinds of apps that DiGi offers to their customers, Praveen said, “DiGi is very cognisant of users’ needs and will endeavour to deliver what is relevant to them and add more value to their Internet experience.” Based on the top apps downloads listed in AppAnnie stats for Malaysia, the top 3 apps are in the categories of messaging, games and social media.

The enterprise segment
But enterprise users are not left out in the cold.

Praveen shared, “DiGi has been supporting enterprises or SMEs for over 10 years with the aim of providing practical and relevant enterprise solutions across industries.

“Our enterprise solutions are designed to offer flexibility, value and transparency in savings for the SME community – making them more cost efficient, receptive to new communications technology that can help strengthen their customer relationships and improve their business performance.”

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