DevOps and Agile: Dynamic duo for the application economy

According to CA Technologies’ VP of Enterprise Management in APJ, Richard Gerdis, the focus of IT operations today have generally been tech-related. “We’ve become adept at monitoring large monolithic systems of record, avoiding risk and resisting change.

“This however is no longer sustainable.”

To stay competitive, he opined that IT operations need to focus on scale, speed and quality.

“Current IT monitoring processes must be capable of ensuring that new infrastructure performs at the scale they designed for, and processes must change to support the speed of apps delivery; discovering problems during accelerated development and release cycles even before production.

“Last but not least, these all must be delivered while ensuring quality and a solid end-user experience,” Gerdis emphasised.

Richard Gerdis

Richard Gerdis

This will be particularly impactful in Malaysia, where there is an increasing adoption of smartphones, applications and mobile connectivity.

More and more organisations are turning towards this development methodology, which is the practice of operations and development engineers collaborating together through the entire software development and service delivery lifecycle.

Gerdis added, “At CA Technologies (CA), we have been a strong advocate of this seamless collaboration between developers and operations to ensure greater agility in operations and service delivery.

“This is why CA Technologies offers flexible solutions designed to automate and accelerate application deployment, from production to release, in order to reduce manual effort and errors.”

Also from CA, is another set of enhanced monitoring solutions called Agile Operations, which sit under their DevOps portfolio umbrella. Gerdis described that Agile Operations will provide the speed and scale organisations need to rapidly deploy new applications, monitor dynamic environments, and continually optimise application quality to ensure superb customer experiences.

The quality of service metrics from CA UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management) can also be correlated and combined with CA APM (Application Performance Management) performance metrics in a single screen so that DevOps teams have an end-to-end view across applications and infrastructure.

Dynamic duo – DevOps and AgileOps
Gerdis said,”DevOps and Agile Ops can help organisations resolve these challenges with our CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) and CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) solutions.”

For example with CA APM, the solution’s team centre views enable users to filter complex topology maps into easily understood role and task-based views using attributes like location, application type, business service or owner name,
CA UIM’s integration with CA Network Flow Analysis and new analytics capabilities further help them reduce mean time to adjust/repair/amend with information about app consumption and high priority infrastructure performance issues,, before user experience is impacted.

DevOps and with its expanded Agile Ops seek to simplify and streamline the entire process from development to deployment and operations.

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