Developing Talent in Asia

From spices and silk, we have quickly evolved to excelling in technology and skills in Asia. The region is these days cited as a unique and powerful engine of growth for most international organizations. But even the best engines face problems – the pool of quality talent can’t keep the pace with the demand of the rapid development.

Globalisation and the hyperconnected world, where creativity and innovation are the most important means to succeed, have made the demand for the talented and driven workforce all the more acute.

Realising the emerging situation but also understanding that the future leaders have to have a purpose beyond just generating profit for shareholders, Fujitsu has instituted the Scholarship for Fujitsu-JAIMS Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Programme; a coveted and highly prestigious programme which collects the best young management minds from 18 different nations in Asia and hones their leadership skills to use them not just within their company, but to help the communities around them.

Founded in 1985, the programme was designed to be a highly interactive, cross-cultural management initiative with company and site visits, projects, lectures and discussions with renowned academics at universities in Japan, Hawaii, Singapore and Thailand. The lecturers from the Hitotsubashi University, International University of Japan, Chuo University, University of Tokyo, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Nanyang Business School, National University of Singapore, and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy teaches at the Fujitsu-JAIMS Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge Programme, while the business leaders from corporations such as Eisai Co., Ltd., Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd. and Hitachi, Ltd etc., contribute to thought-provoking discussions.

The Program, which runs for fifteen weeks, twice a year, is fully-funded and balances management theories with liberal arts to develop skills in a practical manner.

“To date, the scholarship has enabled 499 professionals from 18 countries to learn the skills of decision-making, and applying global perspectives combined with the local knowledge to act swiftly within a changing context. We at Fujitsu believe it falls to everyone to shape the future of the society. As an industry leader we see it as our responsibility to help nurture the next generation of leaders that will not only be concerned about corporate growth but will also advance their communities. Fujitsu Scholarship for Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge programme is a strong initiative in this endeavour,” said Chong.

Tasked with becoming part of the global community of leaders, the graduates of this programme typically find that they have an increased capacity to innovate, connect the global and local knowledge, and distribute leadership within an organization. This is the result of the curriculum that is carefully tailored to suit the changing, growing business needs of the 21st century.

The Malaysian melting pot moves forward

The 33rd intake for the Fujitsu scholarship last year, saw only one applicant from Malaysia but his passion to help the community around him was so strong that Muhammadzaim Halilul Rahuman, a manager from Telekom Malaysia Berhad won a spot, beating close to a 100 other applicants. The stories he shared upon his return were testimonies to his educational and transformative experiences in four different countries, learning from world-class corporate leaders and they encouraged Malaysians to apply for the scholarship in droves this year.

Six Malaysians were shortlisted from the total of 117 registered applications by Malaysians in the 35th intake this year. This represented the second-highest level of interest from a single country from among the 18 participating countries in Asia Pacific region, third only to Vietnam who had fourteen short-listed applicants and India, with nine short-listed applicants

Make no mistake, this scholarship is competitive. The criteria for acceptance is high – to start with, a minimum of three years of relevant full-time work experience (five years preferred) is required, as well as a bachelor’s degree or a degree equivalent to a four-year standard baccalaureate degree in any discipline from a regionally or nationally accredited institution.

The selection of candidates for the Fujitsu scholarship program is based on professional qualifications, English proficiency (for non-native speakers of English), work experience and motivation and goals as expressed in the verbal interview. A key deciding factor is also the individual’s commitment to contributing to the development of their communities and home countries, as presented during the interview.

But thanks to the stories shared by Fujitsu Scholarship alumni, young Malaysians are rising to the challenge. Prospective applicants are invited to learn more about the programme at

The application period for the 36th Fujitsu Scholarship program is August 1, 2016, through September 30, 2016, noon Japan Time. The selected Fujitsu Scholars will attend the three-and-a-half-month Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge 2017 Spring Course starting on February 19, 2017. The information about the second intake of the 36th Fujitsu Scholarship program for the Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge 2017 Fall Course starting in August 2017 will be posted in December 2016.

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