Demand for More Energy Generates Business Opportunities

In recent Nuclear Energy An Option for Malaysia forum, TNB Chief Datuk Seri Che Khalib Mohamad Noh explains that demand for electricity has exceeded supply in certain industries.

He said Malaysia was also very dependent on fossil fuel in spite of not having coal in the country.

Local sources of fossil fuel is depleting which makes Malaysia becoming more dependent on import fuels.

As a result of this, nuclear powered energy can become a viable option. However, he added public concerns on issues such as nuclear safety and security, among others, must be addressed.

Besides nuclear energy as an option, other alternatives such as wind turbine is also popular.

The reality of demand exceeded supply for electricity is not a bad news for entrepreneurs and businesses.

It will create demands for power management technology, green it and alternative power technology.

Bill Gates once said that the energy industry will be the next bigger thing than software. During the TED topic ‘Innovating to zero!‘ on Feb 2010, Gates highlighted that the current methods of producing energy generated way too much CO2 which is a threat the humanity. He gave a thumbs-up for nuclear power.

For more information, refer to Demand for electricity has exceeded supply: TNB chief.

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