Datablink Blinks Bright To Secure Financial Transaction

In an email interview with EITN, Virginia (USA)-based Datablink CEO Alexandre Cagnoni shared his feedback on its revolutionary “blinking” technology that it introduced at the recent RSA Conference Singapore 2016.

Q: What is this Datablink all about?

A: Essentially it is a new hardware-based IT security solution for enterprises and financial institutions a new, more cost-effective, yet more powerful and secure approach to authentication and transaction signing.

Alexander Cagnoni

Alexander Cagnoni

Datablink Device 200 is a small hand-held device that allows users to authenticate or sign a transaction by holding the device’s optical sensor to the screen in order to read a unique blinking pattern. Through this, it creates a secure channel with the backend of a financial institution or enterprise.

It enables advanced authentication and financial transaction signing by then generating a one-time use challenge and response-based dynamic password or signature. Unlike competitive solutions, Datablink Device 200 is an extremely simple and fast solution that offers unmatched ease of use with its unique optical screen reading technology. It’s as simple as point, click and confirm – yet, its security is top notch.

Q: What is your solution’s competitive differentiation with what is already out there in the market?

A: Datablink is the only company in the world to offer advanced authentication and transaction signing using a device that reads unique blinking patterns on a computer screen. (See a video demonstration at

Datablink Device 200 offers significantly enhanced security compared to traditional tokens that no longer offer protection against today’s advanced threats. Organizations must now prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions stemming from threats such as stolen static passwords, man-in-the-middle, man-in-the-browser, and other social engineering attacks.

Datablink Device 200 does this by offering THREE easy-to-use functions on a single, secure and portable token with patented optical reading technology. Other technologies attempt to offer these functions separately, and in a more cumbersome, time-consuming fashion that includes the re-entering of potentially tedious data. Datablink knows that unhappy users often translate into lost revenue opportunities and/or less efficiency.

Q: How easy is it to use?

A: With the majority of organizations still relying on decade-old technology that has little chance against today’s clever man-in-the-middle and social engineering tactics, Datablink Device 200 brings

  • Small, portable token with 2 buttons only:
    • Dynamic, time-based OTP generation
    • Optical reading activation for advanced authentication & transaction signing
  • Just one sensor for blinking, patented ,data communication technology
  • Secure access – Eliminate password and OTP sharing and social engineering threats
  • Prevent transaction-based attacks (man in the browser, man in the middle, etc…)
  • Support up to 10 different financial transaction types
  • Easy to use, cost effective

Datablink Device 200 offers less expensive technology, yet provides far greater security than traditional tokens. Datablink Device 200 consistently costs LESS than nearly any other standard OTP token system and lasts an average of more than five years.

Q: Tell us about your company. And where is your solution currently being used?

We are privately held, with revenues at USD8.5 million annually. Today, more than 100 customers depend on Datablink to protect millions of online users and transactions each day across 14 countries.  The company is actively expanding throughout APAC with regional employees in Singapore and a growing channel partner program. Currently approximately 90% of revenue comes from South America. Overall, 60% of our customers are financial, and 40% of customers are corporate.

Datablink Device 200 has consistently offered a lower TCO than even traditional, outdated token technology that doesn’t offer today’s needed security. Datablink is relied upon by well-known organizations, including Brinks, Symantec, Bradesco, Martins, Digitro and Policard.

As an example, CREDITRAN, a leading Brazilian credit union, chose Datablink technology to strengthen online security and expand business opportunities.

Following the deployment, more than 1,700 members of CREDITRAN now use Datablink to prove their online identity and proactively prevent fraud during financial transactions.


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