Cyber Security Malaysia at MYNIC’s conference: Have You Been Pwned?

Mohamed Anwer Mohamed Yusoff, Head of Cyber Security Industry Engagement & Collaboration, Corporate Strategy & Industry Affairs Division, CyberSecurity Malaysia highligting the website to check for email breaches

Back up, back up, back up, instead of playing victims to ransomware! In fact, back up multiple copies – keeping them separately at home, at the office as well as on the cloud… although one should still be wary of cloud compromises too.

This was the simple message implored by Mr. Mohamed Anwer Mohamed Yusoff, Head, Cyber Security Industry Engagement & Collaboration, Corporate Strategy & Industry Affairs Division of CyberSecurity Malaysia at the recently concluded MYNIC Tech Summit 2019.

Anwer should know, being privy to the alarming statistics of security threats chalked up in Malaysia over the last year.

Anwer pointed out that we should all exercise an abundance of caution when we receive corporate gifts, such as pen drives and laptops – scanning them for viruses first before we use.

Furthermore, using free Wi-Fi also exposes one to the risk of credentials being stolen online, so never do sensitive work or financial transactions riding on a public free Wi-Fi.

A burning tech tip he gave that day was to run our individual and corporate email accounts over this website, to check if they have been breached. If our email accounts, laptops and removable drives are for us individually to protect, gateways and networks are definitely an organisation’s responsibility to protect. After all, breaches can happen at any and at all layers – such is the scourge of the digital economy and the world of the Internet of Things.

Certainly, one parting quote that Anwer presented, “Computers are powerful, programmable machines – Whoever programs them, controls them” couldn’t ring any more true!