PowerEdge 13G Server Family

Customers around the World Deploy Dell’s Most Advanced Server Portfolio

Dell announced that Dell PowerEdge 13th generation servers, its most advanced and easy-to-manage portfolio of PowerEdge servers to date, is now in production environments with customers across six continents and more than 55 countries. Designed to help customers optimize the evolving spectrum of workload requirements and meet the rapidly evolving technology landscape of today and in the future, customers are choosing Dell’s state-of-the-art servers over competitors’ solutions.

Diverse customers from a broad range of industries have deployed Dell PowerEdge 13th generation servers to accelerate application performance, optimize workloads in any environment and simplify systems management. With customer-inspired advancements in storage, processing and memory technology coupled with industry-leading systems management capabilities, the latest portfolio helped Dell’s server business grow faster than the market in the first quarter of 2015[i]. And according to industry tracking data, Dell has gained two basis points (bps) of unit share each year over the past four years in mainstream servers[ii]. Given the strength of the server portfolio, Dell anticipates continued customer momentum and receptivity.

PowerEdge 13G Server Family

PowerEdge 13G Server Family

Since the release of the Dell PowerEdge 13th generation servers, partners that certified in the Dell server competency have grown their PowerEdge server revenue on average by 23 percent year over year. The server portfolio has also received numerous third-party awards and recognition throughout 2014 and 2015. IT Pro recently honored the PowerEdge R730 with an IT Pro Recommended award, while CRN® Test Center recognized the server as its 2014 Data Center Product of the Year. The Dell PowerEdge R730xd received InfoWorld U.S.A.’s 2015 Technology of the Year Award and a 2014 Editor’s Choice Award, and it was also awarded China Information World’s Most Innovative Products of the Year award.

“When Dell designed the latest server portfolio, we wanted to help customers build a bridge between traditional and future technologies to better enable business growth, while providing customers with choice in how they address industry trends including cloud computing, mobility, big data, and the software-defined datacenter,” said William Tan, head of Enterprise Solutions, Dell Malaysia. “We are proud to have shipped Dell’s 13th generation PowerEdge portfolio across the world to help customers roll out technology in new and exciting ways without adding more complexity to their environments. We’re excited by the initial receptivity to the platform and believe we are just getting started.”

Continued innovation to power the most demanding enterprises

Dell continues to push the boundaries when it comes to accelerating application performance, powering workloads in any environment and simplifying systems management, so that customers can focus on their business. This is underscored by the further expansion of its 13th generation PowerEdge servers recently, with the announcement of the PowerEdge R930, Dell’s most powerful server specifically designed for the most demanding enterprise applications such as in-memory databases, customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

PowerEdge R930 built for performance, scalability, reliability and manageability

The PowerEdge R930 rack server can flexibly scale to optimize transactions and operations while reducing latency. It enables customers to:

  • Maximize application performance with 22 percent better performance than our previous world-record four-socket server on the industry ERP sales & distribution benchmark[iii]. When paired with Dell Fluid Cache for SAN, organizations can further boost transactional performance and accommodate more virtual machines for increased productivity.
  • Flexibly scale workloads by bringing storage closer to compute and leveraging industry-leading storage scalability and a large memory footprint. The PowerEdge R930 features the future Intel® Xeon® processor E7-8800/4800 v3 product families, 6TB of memory in 96 DIMMs, 24 internal hard drives and support for up to eight high performance PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs.
    • Dell was the first to ship NVMe PCIe SSDs and it’s now offering industry leading capacity with the new 3.2TB PCIe SSD. Dell PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSDs deliver ultra-high performance, front loading, hot pluggable 2.5-inch devices, providing up to 10 times more input /output operations per second (IOPS) over traditional SSDs[iv].
    • Customers can also leverage a mix of HDDs and SAS SSDs with SanDisk DAS Cache to reduce the price by 23 percent compared to an all SSD configuration while improving performance by 9 times of an all HDD configuration[v].
  • Protect mission-critical and data-intensive applications with built-in reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features, such as Dell’s exclusive Fault Resilient Memory.
  • Reduce configuration time by up to 99 percent and reduce time on manual inventory by up to 91 percent[vi]. IT administrators can also receive higher levels of automation and monitor and remediate data center situations from a hand-held device anywhere in the world with Dell’s recently updated OpenManage systems management portfolio.

 Gresham Computing focuses on speed to provide real-time financial information

Gresham Computing is a leading financial software and services company that specializes in providing real-time transaction control solutions to the global matching and reconciliation market. With a focus on speed, Gresham Computing purchased Dell PowerEdge R630 servers to provide the optimal platform for measuring transaction processing times for its reconciliation solution, Clareti Transaction Control (CTC).

“We’re in the business of helping financial institutions establish Real-time Financial Certainty® by allowing customers to onboard new reconciliation quicker and reconcile their data faster. We wanted to demonstrate to our customers just how quickly, using quality yet readily available hardware, we can process their reconciliations using our in-memory matching technology” said Christopher Young, Director, Gresham Computing North America. “We knew Dell offered high-quality, cost-effective servers. The combination of memory and storage packed in a 1U chassis that the R630 offered quickly made it the perfect choice. This was proven when CTC processed one million transactions in 41.54 seconds.”

IPServerOne meets demand for cloud hosting services

IPServerOne is a provider of web hosting solutions for Malaysian companies and individuals to achieve business success on the Internet. IPServerOne was expanding its hosting solutions to include a cloud offering and needed high performance servers that were quick to deploy, efficient and easy to maintain in-house. In order to do so, the hosting company deployed Dell PowerEdge R730 servers to deliver the optimal price-performance for its cloud hosting services.

“The biggest difficulty for customers moving to the cloud is that they need a lot of support to do so. Because of this, we designed a cloud environment based on Dell’s latest generation of PowerEdge servers that will be easier for customers to adopt and for our engineers to support,” said Lee Cheung Loong, founder of IPServerOne. “With over 2,000 servers, systems management is critical to our business—we need to know the exact location of the problem and if it isn’t handled properly we risk massive data loss. With higher levels of automation and remote management options, this level of insight is something Dell offers better than the competition.”

Ameco Beijing gains increased productivity and cost efficiency with Dell PowerEdge servers

Ameco Beijing was established in 1989, as a joint venture between Air China and Lufthansa German Airlines. Ameco’s main responsibility is to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for airframes, engines and components of aircrafts. In addition, it also modifies aircrafts for public use as well as provides training, calibration, and so forth. In order to reduce acquisition and maintenance costs, improve efficiency and simplify the environment, Ameco decided to unify the server environment by moving all of its UNIX servers to x86 servers.

“As our business continued to grow, our previous system was getting slow, hard to manage and unreliable,” said Gan Desheng, manager sub-division, Information Management, Ameco Beijing. “We were looking for a new system to keep up with our business needs and decided to migrate from RISC to x86 servers. By moving from IBM’s P-series UNIX systems to Dell’s PowerEdge R9-series servers we were able to reduce our total cost of ownership by nearly 50 percent, achieve 99.99 percent system availability and improve our performance of systems running the SAP® ERP application by 3.5 times.”

Availability and Additional Information:

  • Dell PowerEdge 13th generation servers are available now.
  • For more information about Dell PowerEdge servers, please visit dell.com/learn/my/en/mybsd1/campaigns/poweredge-13g-server.
  • For more information on PowerEdge FX2 customer adoption, please visit here.
  • For Dell OEM customers, PowerEdge 13th Generation platforms deliver state-of-the-art technology with OEM-customer inspired features delivering greater flexibility, choice, and scalability while being lifecycle optimized and transition-friendly. Find out more by visiting dell.com/learn/my/en/myhea1/oem-industry-solutions.

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[i] In terms of units shipped across x86, mainstream and density-optimized – IDC Q1 2015 Server Market Share Data

[ii] According to IDC’s server market share data for mainstream servers from 2010 to 2015

[iii] Benchmark results based on the industry sales & distribution benchmark results as of April 2015. For the R930, the number of benchmark users Dell achieved was 31,000 users compared to the R920 with 25,451 users.

[iv] Based on performance numbers from the Storage Networking Industry Association in August 2014, using Intel S3700 SATA SSD and Express Flash results.

[v] Based on preliminary results from the “Dell PowerEdge R930 Oracle Acceleration Study,” a study by Principled Technologies, April 2015 commissioned by Dell. Going from an HDD configuration to a mix of HDD+SSD+SanDisk DAS Cache yields a 9x performance improvement. Going from an SDD configuration to a mix of HDD+SSD+SanDisk DAS Cache yields a 23% price reduction.  Pricing for a 1.2TB 10K SAS Drive was used in place of the 900GB that was tested on, as the 900GB is not available for purchase with 13G PowerEdge.

[vi] Based on September 2014 Principled Technologies report commissioned by Dell, “Simplifying systems management with Dell OpenManage on 13G Dell PowerEdge servers.” Time savings calculation based on one server.

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