CSM-ACE 2016 launches with Cyber Resiliency theme

During the launch of the sixth annual CSM-ACE event (Cyber Security Malaysia Awards, Conference and Exhibition), Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mohd. Azumi Mohamed said, “A bold new plan of action is required and that is to develop Cyber Resilience. This is because every day, new threats are discovered as attackers find different ways to get past our defences.

“Being resilient enables our cyber ecosystem to detect, identify, respond, protect and recover from cyber threats. This includes the ability to withstand and recover from deliberate attacks accidents and naturally occurring threats and incidents.”

Sure enough for 2016, the theme for the largest 3-in-1 cybersecurity event in the region, is around cyber resiliency.

Tan Sri Azumi

Tan Sri Azumi

Tan Sri Azumi explained, “Organisations and government agencies that are cyber resilient will stand a better chance of surviving and doing well in the new digital economy.”

He also outlined what needed to be done, namely to develop a strong knowledge base with trained cyber professional.

He said, “A research done jointly in 2016 by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and Intel reported that 82-percent of companies surveyed reported a shortage of cyber security skills.”

In recognition of this, CSM had also organised 10 training courses during CSM-ACE, for cyber security professionals of all levels.

CSM-ACE is an annual industry gathering with a record attendance this year of over 1000 delegates. There is also a 40-booth exhibition comprising 19 homegrown cyber security and technology companies.



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