Cologne Bonn Airport to enhance TETRA digital radio network with Motorola Solutions

 Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) announced that Cologne Bonn Airport has awarded the company a contract to update the airport’s TETRA digital radio network, used by frontline workers including ramp agents, baggage handlers and service personnel, as well as logistics partners, to communicate and securely manage essential workflows. 

Cologne Bonn Airport is one of the largest airports in Germany, for both passengers and cargo, serving 8.8 million passengers and handling 971,000 tonnes of air cargo in 2022. In addition, Cologne Bonn Airport is integral to the region’s economic development, serving as an important hub for business and tourism, supporting more than 14,000 jobs.    

“The resilience of its communications networks is key to any airport’s ability to communicate – both for everyday operations and in times of emergency,” said Michael Kaae, corporate vice president at Motorola Solutions. “The new system will deliver flexibility and scalability, helping the airport to meet the growing demands of modern aviation. Additionally, Cologne Bonn Airport’s largest shipping and distribution partners, who use the airport as a major logistics hub, will also be relying on the network.”

As part of the contract, Motorola Solutions will deploy a DIMETRA X Core system, enabling highly secure voice and data communications to coordinate complex logistics, manage cargo, deliver improved passenger services and provide full coverage both inside and outside terminal buildings. The system uses redundancy to prevent single-point failure risks and will also make administration more efficient by enabling centralized management of the communications network.

In addition to the refresh of the existing TETRA network, Cologne Bonn Airport awarded Motorola Solutions a ten-year service contract to optimize network operations 24/7 while also enabling technological advancements. Motorola Solutions will also provide technical support, maintenance and repair services. 

Motorola Solutions has longstanding international experience in providing reliable and secure TETRA radio solutions to airports all over the world, including the European airports Barcelona-El Prat in Spain, Gardermoen Airport in Norway and the German airports Halle/Leipzig, Stuttgart and Baden-Airpark, among many others.

In Asia, Narita International Airport, is the latest airport to expand mission-critical communications capability with Motorola Solutions’ broadband push-to-talk service, WAVE PTX. As one of Japan’s busiest airports for travellers and cargo handling, Narita International depends on Motorola Solutions’ TETRA digital radio system and ST7000 devices every day to maintain efficiency and security across its extensive operations.